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I never have to deal with Student Finance ever again... ahhhhh :)

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5 years for DD1, 3 years for DD2 (at the same time) and I'm done! Also done with 3 years NHS bursary finance for DD2 (and one year for DD1)

DD1 became a doctor yesterday ( a long tough road indeed, winning the battle with anorexia along the way) and DD2 graduates in September (Nursing).

Apart from the relief of not struggling to support them both financially, the sheer thought of never having to dig out p60s, find birth certs, their rent agreements etc etc ...

Ahhhhhhhh.. I can finally breathe!
(ok still got two boys at home going no where but still grin...

Impostersyndrome Fri 03-Jul-15 22:17:12

Wow! Congratulations on all fronts.

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