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DS late submitting dissertation title: very anxious

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Isabelle24 Sun 28-Jun-15 14:01:46

DS, completing taught Master's degree, has just phoned me in one hell of a panic. He should have submitted his dissertation title in April and had a reminder in early June which he's only just seen. (His laptop broke and he's been using a friend's but really that's little excuse as he has access to uni computers - he's still in the area.)

Though he's had meetings with his supervisor and discussed the themes, I'm not sure that an exact title was agreed upon. Nevertheless, he has now sent in the form and is contacting his supervisor who will need, even retrospectively, to endorse the title. DS has worked hard and well up to this point and it would be a crying shame if, as a result of overlooking a group email, he'd left it too late. DS says that his department (which I have to say has looked after him well these past 4 years - did his undergrad degree there) is very tight on such things.

He's going to see the postgrad administrator first thing tomorrow, apologise profusely (he really feels very foolish right now) and ask what his next steps should be. He doesn't know if, for instance, this is an extenuating circs situation (surely not?) but if so, he doesn't have any legit grounds for making a case other than pre-occupation and oversight.

Anyway able to cast light on this process/give me/him any reassurance?

Many thanks!

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