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Applying to English university from EU

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Luckytwo Wed 24-Jun-15 20:46:43

We are moving to Europe for 2 years this summer, my son will be doing his 6th form abroad. Does anyone know if he can apply through ucas as a UK student or as an international student and if he will be eligible for loans through student finance England.
We are British and have lived in the UK and worked all our lives till this point.
Thanks ��

welshpixie Thu 25-Jun-15 05:54:04

If you are moving for work then your DS should still be classed as a home student. We have lived abroad for a few years but as it was work related and not for my DD's education there was no problem.
However student finance did ask for more evidence of our situation than for a standard home student. We went through Student finance England I do not know the set up for Scotland and Wales.

pastaofplenty Thu 25-Jun-15 05:57:11

Hi Luckytwo

Yes your son will be able to get finance as a UK citizen.

We have just gone through this process and DD has been in EU for ten years. You need (if necessary) to quote "the right to roam" legislation to Student Finance.

All is straightforward and Student Finance England were very helpful and are increasingly aware of students who are UK citizens but live in the EU.

Their helpline is incredibly helpful as well and will explain options and what you need to do - though I imagine it's best to phone them during quieter periods - post November etc...

To ensure the process is as smooth as possible I would make sure that your son has a full UK passport, a national insurance number and a UK bank account and also make your application as early as possible (January I think) before the year of entry as it helps iron out any problems.

Hope this helps - and good luck with everything.

Luckytwo Thu 25-Jun-15 07:14:25

Brilliant, thank you both very much. You've put my mind at ease about this. flowers

sashh Thu 25-Jun-15 08:12:18

Yes your son will be able to get finance as a UK citizen.

It is residency that is important, but as long as you are in the EU you have the same rights to apply to uni as all EU citizens. So If you are going to France, no problem but Russia might be.

fussychica Thu 25-Jun-15 08:47:04

Agree. Good advice from pasta. DS has had support after living elsewhere in Europe for 8 years using"right to roam legislation".

Luckytwo Thu 25-Jun-15 16:45:15

Belgium's where we're off to , and it was mainly the finance I was worried about as we'd have to save really hard now to pay the fees rather than get a tuition fee loan.
Thanks, I will remember 'right to roam' , sounds good, as long Astor UK doesn't vote to leave the EU in the meantime, aargh !!

Luckytwo Thu 25-Jun-15 16:46:00

Astor ?? As the lol

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