surviving summer

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Debs75 Tue 12-May-15 22:09:53

She had to pay back accommodation deposits and even though she comes hone tomorrow she has paid rent for another 4 weeks which we didn't realise.
She did have a job before starting uni which she seems to think will be an option

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onadifferentplanet Tue 12-May-15 08:08:22

She does seem to have got through her third instalment pretty fast? Ds didn't get his until a couple of weeks ago. If she had to use it to pay back loans to family is this because she is spending too much or is all her money taken up for her accommodation?
Ds found a summer job at Easter, as a pp said there is seasonal work around and she has the advantage of being home early as many students are not back yet. I know several of his friends have been applying for jobs in the last few weeks.
Has she had a holiday job in the past, if so is it worth her calling them and seeing if they will take her back this year?

Debs75 Mon 11-May-15 21:55:50

She has to wait on results which are due in July. She wants to look as she is hoping to go to local uni and wants something she can do around uni work.
I would love to support her and have done as much as we can but only do 16
hours and we are still struggling with the £250 a month loss in income since she moved out.
She has a little bit left but most of this terms has gone on paying back loans to family

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MagentaVitus Mon 11-May-15 19:47:33

You can claim JSA providing that she doesn't have a uni place.

If/when she gets one, she cannot claim anymore.

yellowdaisies Mon 11-May-15 19:41:07

She should be able to claim JSA if she's job hunting. She'd be best off to explain that she's finished her course and make no mention of the possible degree offer. But summer jobs aren't too hard to find if you ask around lots - touristy places or agriculture are options.

Millymollymama Mon 11-May-15 19:31:49

I am confused. Did she not apply via UCAS in which case she should have offers by now? My DD submitted portfolios in January when she applied for arts degrees and largely heard by the end of March, although one university was very late.

I am sure someone will be able to tell you about JSA, but I would have thought looking for a job is important and many degree courses don't finish until nearer the end of June, so does she have any money left? I think you have to factor in that she is still your child and presumably you will have to give her some money during her degree.

Debs75 Mon 11-May-15 14:18:48

DD1 comes home from her foundation year on Wednesday. She doesn't know if she is successful In getting a place on the degree yet and won't for a few months. She doesn't have much money left and I'm afraid I won't be able to support her.
Will she be able to claim jsa once home? She is going to look for a job but obviously getting one straight away is unlikely.

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