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RedRoses1111 Tue 28-Apr-15 19:58:10


We are in the process of my daughter's student finance application but I am stuck!

My daughter lives with me and my partner. I have submitted my financial information and my partner is just in the process of doing his. However, we have got to the part where it asks for his dependants. It just asks for his children, it doesn't specify whether we should only list children who live with us.

I am confused, his two children live with their mother but he pays maintenance for them. He thinks he should put his two children on the application as it simply asks for his dependants, it does not specify only if they live with us. I phoned student finance helpline to clarify but the guy I spoke to was unsure so had to put me on hold and ask. He came back on the line to say not to include them but I wasn't overly confident in his answer, he didn't sound like he really knew. Surely this scenario must crop up all the time?

Could anyone tell me whether we should put his two children on the application or not as they don't live with us full time even though they are largely financially dependant on him.

Many thanks

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peteneras Tue 28-Apr-15 20:58:27

If it asks for dependants, then just put down all who are dependent on him - living in the house or not. What's the problem? Student Finance is trying to work out how much to 'give' your son taking all fami!y circumstances into consideration.

peteneras Tue 28-Apr-15 21:00:34

Er. . . I mean your daughter not your son. . .

Invizicat Tue 28-Apr-15 21:06:22

When your partner's children apply for uni finance for themselves, they will presumably have to apply based on the household they are normally resident at i.e. not yours but so presumably their mum's and any partner she lives with. So no.

Are you and your dp planning to fund their uni costs alone or will you expect their mum to be part of the equation?

Molio Tue 28-Apr-15 21:10:56

Doesn't the financial info bit take care of outgoings including maintenance; dependents are those DC living with you. Otherwise you're double counting I think? It's important to be absolutely scrupulous with SFE or you'll get into a never ending pickle.

RedRoses1111 Tue 28-Apr-15 21:16:05


Both your answers have highlighted exactly why I am confused!
The application is based on our joint income for the house in which my daughter lives but the question about dependants just asks him to list his children, it doesn't specify to only list them if they live with us.

Of course we are funding her alone but I didn't know whether it takes into account his dependant children for whom he pays maintenance

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RedRoses1111 Tue 28-Apr-15 21:20:29

Hi Molio

The application doesn't ask for outgoings or maintenance etc. I think we shouldn't include them but my partner thinks we should.

I think it might just be safer to not list them. Rather that than make a mistake and be overpaid.

I just thought I would post on here in case any one in a similar situation has ever applied.

Thanks everyone

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Rascalls3 Wed 29-Apr-15 11:10:17

Just give Student Finance a ring??? They have been helpful when I have called in the past.

Millymollymama Thu 30-Apr-15 01:03:40

It says in the guidance notes that an allowance of £1130 is made for each child who is mainly dependent on you or your partner. If his two children are mainly financially dependent on your partner, they should be included. However, I guess you need to evaluate what "mainly" means because children cost more than maintenance - usually. They need somewhere to live, (does he help with housing costs?), transport (does he help run the car?) and have other expenses which are not normally covered by maintenance, unless your DP is very generous. I assume he pays more than £2260 in maintenance but I would try and clarify again.

enochroot Thu 30-Apr-15 01:23:15

Ring again. I've always found them very helpful on the phone. Perhaps you got a newbie, though it must be a question they're asked regularly.

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