Exeter, Warwick or York?

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Onestep15 Mon 27-Apr-15 21:21:24

sitting at the kitchen table with my Dd making lists of pros and cons for each university - would welcome any views from anyone who has recent experience of any of them! Dd's wants to study history and politics and until this week was fairly sure she would choose warwick as her first choice and Exeter as insurance. However, looking at the history course at Warwick she is having a wobble as she has realised it does not really focus on medieval/early modern, which she is desperate to study, having had to study only very recent history for A level ( up to and including Blair!). So now she is reconsidering york as she loved the sound of the history course, but was put off by the fact that it is 5 hours away and was not that keen on the concrete style campus. think also she was originally swayed by Warwicks position in the league tables. Exeter seems a fairly safe option (and a lower offer) but probably seems too safe as quite a few friends are planning to go there, one is already there and I went there several decades ago, so think she is keen to forge her own path! any views gratefully received to help her make up her mind. She likes going out, but does not want to be in a big city and likes the idea of a 'safe' cosy campus as she is rather nervous about leaving home. thank you!

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Littleham Mon 27-Apr-15 21:34:04

My dd has firmed York for History (because she likes the Medieval History). Also loved the sound of their Latin course and essay writing help centre. She said the staff were lovely. Also 5 hours away from us, but she isn't phased. Wow city too.

All three choices are great though so she can't go wrong.

Onestep15 Mon 27-Apr-15 21:56:39

Thanks Littleham, interesting that your DD has picked it for the same reason. the writing help centre sounds good. It is all a bit of a last minute change around here as DD had completely discounted York for the past few months, mainly because she did not want to go so far away. However, I think now that it is getting to crunch time she is realising the importance of actually studying a course that enthuses her! Unfortunately we have just missed the last post offer day....

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SecretSquirrels Mon 27-Apr-15 22:03:19

I know nothing about Exeter (or your DD' subject) but I have DS1 at Warwick and DS2 currently looking at unis. So far DS2 has been around York, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Warwick.
We live an hour from York and both DC have done courses there. I have to say that they both disliked the campus, not because it's a campus but just because of it's layout and feel. York as a city is quite compact and very touristy.

DS1 chose Warwick because it's well regarded for his course, but he love s the campus. DS2 recently went to have a look round and was really impressed with it. Lots of green areas around a modern centre. Very much a safe cosy campus feel. Second years have to live off campus but I think the first year on campus is a very useful stepping stone for the nervous student.

Littleham Mon 27-Apr-15 22:40:27

She did have an offer from Exeter as well. Liked it, but preferred York. She loved all the history in York city & wasn't bothered by tourists.

All of the universities have advantages and disadvantages. Warwick does have less concrete, but I believe 2nd years have to live out in Leamington / Coventry. In York, there is a lot of housing and they can live on campus with friends in the 2nd year (with their friends).

Really liked Warwick too, but dd2 didn't apply at all because of the modern History bias.

RustyBear Mon 27-Apr-15 22:53:52

DS went to Warwick, but he did History and Politics, so wasn't bothered by the more modern emphasis. He was very happy there, the campus is nice, and living out in the second /third year isn't that much of a hardship - there were so many students in the part of Leamington where he lived that it was pretty much like living on campus anyway!

DD went to Exeter, again she liked it very much, it's not a really big city, but there seemed to be plenty of night-life, judging by her Facebook!

DD did Psychology, so my knowledge of Exeter's History course is not recent enough to be of much help - I graduated in 1977!

Onestep15 Mon 27-Apr-15 23:00:58

Thanks very much everyone - food for thought. I have passed it all on to DD, who is actually getting very excited about York the more she looks at the history course - this is great, as it is making her feel more positive about going to university altogether. I have reminded her she does need to check out the politics side too though!

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JeanneDeMontbaston Tue 28-Apr-15 00:27:55

Can I just say - personally, I quite like things about York campus (it is full of baby moorhens in spring, and they are very cute), but, she is only a 10 minute bus ride away from the main city, which is much prettier. So perhaps that makes a difference? I think Students often end up living in the little terraced streets between the university and the main town, by their second or third years.

SecretSquirrels Tue 28-Apr-15 10:11:06

I think the number one consideration must be the course. If the course is not right then the best campus in the world won't compensate.

littleham What I meant by touristy was the fact that York is a small city on the tourist trail. We don't live too far away so I have been quite often. Traffic is appalling, parking is impossible and hotels pricey. None of these would necessarily affect the life of a student.smile. If you already live in a city you would be used to this kind of thing, but we live in the sticks. Both my DC stayed on campus in halls for residential courses and neither was particularly taken with it.

Having said all that DS2 has seen a course at York that ticks all the boxes so I have suggested that rather than dismiss it, he visit again on an open day to look at the place in a different light.

UptheChimney Tue 28-Apr-15 13:10:17

If the course content at Warwick doesn't cover what your DD wants to study, I'd say, strike Warwick out.

There's the potential for her to feel frustrated for three years ...

BabyDubsEverywhere Tue 28-Apr-15 20:17:02

I had to choose between Birmingham, Warwick, and York. In the end I chose Birmingham as we wouldn't have to move (mature student so would have been uprooting family)

I wanted to concentrate on Medieval history too, Warwick couldn't compete with the other two on modules for Medieval, if that's what she wants to concentrate on I would scrap Warwick.

In the recent REF report Birmingham came top of the list for History, York second, the big benefit in York (I know a couple of lecturers there) is that they have great Viking archaeology/research centre access, that was a huge pull for me. It is a great Uni and those I know that have gone there are really pleased with their course (all history students).

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