Resitting as. Modules what result stands?

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Londonbug1 Mon 09-Mar-15 09:05:44

I would be grateful for clarification on this.
My DS is planning to resit some as modules this summer.
I thought that the new rules are that if the result is lower than the original mark the resit mark will count.
He says no that the higher result will count.
I am concerned that if the resit result is lower he could end up in a worse position than he is in now!
So my question is which mark will apply to the overall a level result?

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Littleham Mon 09-Mar-15 09:25:21

The higher mark will count. smile

Londonbug1 Mon 09-Mar-15 10:04:25

Thank you that's one piece of good news!!
But did I imagine that they'd changed it?

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Littleham Mon 09-Mar-15 10:25:51

They got rid of the January re-takes. This link might help you.

catslife Mon 09-Mar-15 20:11:28

For resits the higher of the 2 marks will count.
The lower mark issue is when a paper is remarked i.e. the original paper is marked again by another (more senior) examiner.

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