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Lewis1962 Tue 10-Feb-15 14:39:36

Ds is half way through his first year at Uni, he realised quite early on the course wasn't for him and applied for an a transfer to a different course next year which was accepted.
Quite unrelated to this he became ill a few weeks ago and has had to miss several weeks of study further to this he will need to attend hospital for further treatment during the next few months which will mean further absences. It has been suggested to him that he intercalates on medical grounds for the rest of the year and starts the new year on his new course hopefully fully recovered. Can anyone tell me a bit about the ins and outs of this and in particular the financial implications. I have read up what I can find and it seems quite straight forward but would like to hear from anyone who has experience of this

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JeanneDeMontbaston Tue 10-Feb-15 17:54:03

My understanding is that he can get 3+1 years of loans, so he should be fine for that, though obviously he will owe more in the end.

It sounds like a really sensible thing to do in the situation.

Hope he's better soon, and whatever it is, isn't ongoing.

ZebraGiraffe Wed 11-Feb-15 17:21:27

DS did similar on medical grounds. It was for the best and allowed him time to fully recover, mentally sort himself out and then start afresh.
A lot of people end up doing similar so it isn't frowned upon in terms of CV.

UptheChimney Thu 12-Feb-15 09:08:15

Sounds like an excellent suggestion. He really needs to leave in a considered 'clean' manner, with loose ends tied up. Intercalation/leave of absence can do that.

And students are eligible for up to 4 years of loan/funding, so that's the start point of the answer about money etc.

Lewis1962 Thu 12-Feb-15 09:26:37

Thank you for your replies. Ds saw his tutor a couple of days ago and also the Dean of Students and his Hub. He just had to fill in a form and provide medical evidence which his GP was happy to do. It feels like a huge weight has lifted for all of us tbh. He has a reading list for is new course and is still able to use the Uni library and some of the other facilities too. I am still not sure how he will cope financially for the rest of the year but he has barely touched the finance he has had so far so he should manage fine.
Just this week I have heard of two other students through friends who have done the same so it was also nice to hear he isn't alone in needing to do this. It is not easy when you are worried about your kids but can't do much because they are now adults but still fell like your babies when they are ill.

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JeanneDeMontbaston Thu 12-Feb-15 17:03:51

He sounds as if he's doing exactly the right things - you must be proud of him coping like this when he is ill. I don't have children, and I can see it must be difficult. But he sounds as if he's going to get through it just fine.

He's definitely not alone in needing to do it, either.

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