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Exeter or Bath

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FringeDivision Tue 03-Feb-15 23:02:22

Ds has had offers from both, to study History and Politics at Exeter or Politics and International Relations at Bath. I am trying really hard to not interfere which goes against the grain for me but can I ask any if you with knowledge about either of these courses/universities what your thoughts are.

Littleham Wed 04-Feb-15 11:56:37

Is he going to the offer holder days? They may help him to make a decision. What grades does he have to get for each one?

They are both campus unis, with good accommodation near a historic city, so that bit is down to personal preference. Bath is at the top of a thumping great hill so most people take the university bus down to the city. Second years live in the city and catch the bus up to campus each day. Bath has very good sports facilities if he is into sport. I think Exeter is closer to the city centre and a flatter walk.

Exeter seems to be ranked higher on the league tables, but that isn't everything. He needs to look at the specific course modules to see if he would enjoy studying them.

We are going to the History offer holder day at Exeter if you would like to share impressions.

Lilymaid Wed 04-Feb-15 14:55:02

Both are good. Bath's original university buildings are plug ugly ... concrete brutalism above such a lovely city architecturally. Exeter's campus possibly the nicest in the country (Exeter alumna writing). Also has good sports facilities and strong sporting tradition. Your DS should go for whichever one he likes best, he won't go wrong with either.

FringeDivision Wed 04-Feb-15 16:05:06

Thank you for the replies.He liked them both very much which is why it's so hard to pick. Agree that Exeter has a lovely campus and both are very nice places to live.

I'm just very aware that the choice he makes now will affect the rest of his life. He is intending to go to the open days for people who've been offered places before making a final decision.

I want him to pick the degree and place which is most likely to get him a good job when he graduates.

As an aside, is anyone else horrified by the cost of halls? Ds only qualifies for the minimum loan and although I've been saving like mad I am shock that accommodation costs as much as my mortgage!

FringeDivision Wed 04-Feb-15 16:07:31

Sorry, forgot to answer the question about grades - he needs AAB for Bath and AA(plus Welsh Bac) for Exeter

Littleham Wed 04-Feb-15 16:25:21

I want him to pick the degree and place which is most likely to get him a good job when he graduates.

Both universities / can't go wrong. The grade requirements seem similar too, so I would advise him to go with the course he likes best and 'gut feeling' for where he would like to live for three years.

Littleham Wed 04-Feb-15 16:26:55

and yes halls are very expensive - we went for the cheapest and it has been fine (small but fine!)

Wait until you get to the 2nd year! shock

MillyMollyMama Wed 04-Feb-15 20:07:41

Exeter is like a boarding school campus, but is a university. It is therefore loved by former independent school students! Bath is, perhaps, better known for its sciences. I would look at the percentage of students going on to graduate level jobs/training/continuing in education for each course. What does he want to do at the end of the degree and which course would help this goal the most. These subjects don't guarantee a job or a good salary so he needs to have a game plan on how to achieve success in his chosen career. The university attended is probably irrelevant. International Relations is often viewed as a bit second class because offers tend to be lower than for History and Politics. I think the offer from Exeter is a good one!

FringeDivision Wed 04-Feb-15 20:30:42

Thank you milly. Bath has great stats for post university employment but I am a little mistrustful of most stats on this subject as they tend to include those students who go on to further study. Which is not the same as employment and I will definitely be ready for him to get a job by that point!

FringeDivision Wed 04-Feb-15 20:35:06

I also think the offer from Exeter was very good and I think it might be sensible to go with the most easily attainable offer as the first choice.

MillyMollyMama Wed 04-Feb-15 21:24:45

FringeDivision. Please remember that he might not be ready to get a job, especially if he has no idea what job!!! Also don't rule out further courses. My DD is doing the GDL on top of a 4 year degree. She is totally committed to that and we would never have forced her to get a job if that meant working at something she did not want to do and letting go of what she really wanted to do. History and Politics is not a guarantee of a job if the student has no work experience or other skills that make them employable. Having a game plan is always a good idea, especially in arts subjects.

FringeDivision Wed 04-Feb-15 21:42:49

He has no definite career plan at the moment beyond maybe doing a law conversion which I would encourage, but I do have concerns as to how I could finance it as I will be putting another child through university at that point. I want to be fair to my dc and give them equality of opportunity - I can't spend all the money on post grad study at the expense of the younger dc undergraduate degree.

I hadn't planned on the govt capping loans based on parental income, which takes no account of the family's other commitments.

grovel Wed 04-Feb-15 22:25:32

Both excellent universities. Bath has gained respect more recently so, if I'm being pragmatic, I would recommend Exeter. Recruiting Managers in their forties, I suspect, would be more Exeter-centric.

Needmoresleep Thu 05-Feb-15 07:38:08

Baths good employment stats possibly reflect the fact that many of their economics or finance degrees have the option of a year of work experience. They have links with an impressive list of employers. I don't know whether the same opportunities apply for other degrees or whether these links are helpful to those graduating in other subjects.

Moominmammacat Thu 05-Feb-15 10:58:21

Exeter super-expensive ... DS paying £6,989 for 32 week catered and he has to clear off at Easter. But all very beautiful, great accommodation and food. And maximum maintenance loan £5,500 ...

bathstudent Mon 09-Feb-15 17:19:03

I'm a current student at Bath. I've joined just to add to this thread.

Bath is super expensive. Friends at other unis have found costs reducing when out of halls; mine were around the same or a bit more (because reduced rent in the summer holidays doesn't exist any more and rental contracts are July-June). You're looking at around £360pm plus bills for second and final year. There are loads of jobs around, and anyone employed by the uni (campus grocery store, bar, etc) earns the over-21s minimum wage rather than the lower age rates, which is a huge help.

Politics & IR students do get the opportunity to go on placement and about 60-70% of them do go. Something the uni don't make enough of is the opportunity to study a language as an extra/option through the foreign language centre. When I last checked the Bath politics course was ranked number 1 or 2 for employability.

Bath is currently a two semester structure but there is a consultation in place to possibly change to three terms. No idea what Exeter is.

FringeDivision Mon 09-Feb-15 17:42:31

Thank you for joining just to come on the thread. I really appreciate all the comments people have made thanks

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