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Edinburgh University

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ryansbeat Thu 22-Jan-15 18:19:18

Can anybody with a DD/DS currently studying at Edinburgh University tell me what it's really like - good points and bad points. DD currently considering it but it's a long way from home. Many thanks in advance.

AgentProvocateur Thu 22-Jan-15 18:40:08

Loads of my friends and now my DCs friends study there. It's a great city and a great uni. Only thing to beat are of is that the maths (and/or engineering) building is not on the campus

chemenger Thu 22-Jan-15 19:22:34

More accurately all of science and engineering (except for Informatics) is on a separate campus. All students have lectures in the town centre campus in first year, including science and engineering. The Kings Buildings campus, where science is is a ten minute (free) bus ride from the George Square campus. The science campus has had huge investment recently and is barely recognisable from when I was a student.

Desperateannie Thu 22-Jan-15 20:13:14

Ryans, currently have one ds studying at Edinburgh. Arts, so George Square based. He has loved it, place and people. Good things from parent perspective, great halls in first year, small enough city to get cosmopolitan vibe but not get lost or overwhelmed, rated lecturers in subjects, has good reputation. Only bad bit is cost of accomodation. As a Scottish uni it seems to have more English than Scottish students but that might just be ds subject choice. And not a bad bit....just as a comparison to other Scottish unis.

306235388 Thu 22-Jan-15 20:15:51

I graduated 10 years ago so don't suppose my advice is any use but I adored it - adored the Uni, loved and still love the city. Wouldn't change my Uni experience for anything.

I did an arts degree so was george square based - fab social life and great city to be in - very diverse.

Don't think the halls are the best but again that might be outdated advice.

Fortysix Fri 23-Jan-15 12:17:44

My sis graduated 2013 from College of Art and loved it. Her studio had a pretty up close view of the castle. Very many of her course mates were from SE. They were paying circa £400 for private accomm ex bills I think. Good transport links as excellent bus service from airport and good train links. Don't need car to get about. My eldest has applied as a back up for 2015.

SecretSquirrels Fri 23-Jan-15 16:34:45

DS2 is looking at unis this year. There is a mini open day at Edinburgh in Feb half term and we are going up to combine it with a short break. It's a long way from us as well......

RandomFriend Sat 24-Jan-15 13:10:06

Edinburgh is a long way from us as well, so I am joining the thread from interest.

DD has a close friend from school that started at Edinburgh last September. They met up over the break. DDs friend (Cambridge reject) is very, very happy there and lives in brand new, self catering accommodation. The friend is so happy there that DD came back thinking that maybe Edinburgh should be her first choice (if she gets an offer, that is - we are still waiting to hear).

Sorry, that is no real information about Edinburgh. I hope some others come along with more useful remarks!

cdtaylornats Mon 09-Feb-15 21:06:56

While you're there you might like to look at Heriot-Watt as well. Nice campus, very high student satisfaction rating. And there is Napier as well.

Hakluyt Mon 09-Feb-15 22:15:57

My dd is in her first year and having a ball! Her classes are divided between George Square and New College so she does a lot of walking. Downsides- very long tems- she was exhausted by Christmas, and accomodation is expensive. Can't think of any more- except that it's a very long way away. We live in the South East.

MillyMollyMama Tue 10-Feb-15 19:54:45

My DD1 had several friends that went and they all loved it. More of a city than St Andrews and very favoured by public school pupils who have a connection with Scotland. DD flew up there to see friends and reported very favourably on the halls of residence! Expensive I believe. The courses are four years. You can get up there ok on the train and you only move in and out once a year so it's not as if you have to drive all the time. It suits students who are not going to be homesick!! That's the main thing about being far away from home - you have to make it work.

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