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waiting to hear from Edinburgh?

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brainwashed Tue 20-Jan-15 17:46:34

I know it's early yet but I am getting stressed with all this waiting on behalf of my DS. He has other offers but has his heart set on Edinburgh. Wish they'd hurry up!

Fortysix Tue 20-Jan-15 22:50:06

Also waiting patiently here. Haven't heard of any offers whatsoever yet.

306235388 Tue 20-Jan-15 22:53:52

My kids are only little but just wanted to say good luck - I was at Edinburgh 2000-2004 and it was amazing.

AugustRose Tue 20-Jan-15 23:12:16

We are waiting to hear from Edinburgh too, DS put his application in November and has heard from all the other four. Although that is Napier as he wans to do Journalism - DH had read that Edinburgh always leave their decisions late but we would like to start arranging finance and accommodation so hope they hurry up.

pastaofplenty Wed 21-Jan-15 06:02:52

Waiting here as well OP - but DD got an offer from Glasgow yesterday (the first so far). It's nerve wracking this waiting business smile

Anyexcuse Wed 21-Jan-15 06:55:24

I'll join you. Edinburgh is DD's first choice and while she seems to be waiting patiently I am much less relaxed. She's into her 2nd choice but really has her heart set on Edinburgh. Do we know when they're likely to hear?

chemenger Wed 21-Jan-15 08:39:42

On Edinburgh's web page it says "it is likely that you will not receive a final decision from us until the end of March".

Some offers are out for some subjects, my dd and quite a few of her classmates got theirs before Christmas. I think it depends on the subject whether they wait for all applications to be in before making offers.

brainwashed Wed 21-Jan-15 08:45:29

Ah that is reassuring. I know how great Edinburgh is...I graduated from there many years ago smile
I think my DS is currently distracted by his prelims...when those are done he'll probably get a bit more anxious.

FannyFanakapan Wed 21-Jan-15 08:53:27

My DD got an offer from Edinburgh way back in November for Mechanical Engineering. I think different departments work differently - we are waiting patiently for Cardiff to come through. All other offers came in before Christmas.

Its frustrating because DD knows which Uni she wants and has an unconditional offer on the table. She would like to get a jump start on accomodation, but can do nothing until Cardiff comes in, because I believe you cannot "firm" in UCAS if all the offers have not been received.

brainwashed Wed 21-Jan-15 08:56:26

I think you can withdraw an application though. A friend of my DS has an unconditional from his first choice so is just planning on withdrawing all other applications so he can accept it.

FannyFanakapan Wed 21-Jan-15 10:39:39

thats interesting Brainwashed - I will let her know. The only spoke in the wheel is that Cardiff is a better program on the league tables, so she may be swayed by that.

HMF1 Thu 22-Jan-15 20:29:34

Which subjects are you waiting for Ds1 got unconditional offer for physics in October, & a follow up letter this month saying they expect him to meet his predicted grAdes for his advanced highers this year. A few of his friends have offers but most are still waiting to hear. He is waiting to hear from St Andrews who are apparently notoriously late with offers.

brainwashed Fri 23-Jan-15 11:33:26

We're waiting for a different department. I'm too impatient...

Hakluyt Fri 23-Jan-15 11:36:41

Dd heard from Edinburgh ages after the others last year - but she was applying from England. Don't know if that makes a difference?

Fortysix Fri 23-Jan-15 11:59:37

Business Management - as a back up to four engineering applications -however the personal statement was exclusively engineering apart from two lines...

RandomFriend Sat 24-Jan-15 13:13:02

DD is waiting to hear. She applied in early October and was immediately informed that they would probably let her know by March but that they may not make a decision until May. Her subject is music (MA in music, rather than M-Mus).

Hakluyt Sat 24-Jan-15 13:26:28

I'm sure it was March before dd heard. Ages after the other 4.

brainwashed Wed 11-Feb-15 16:51:12

Still not heard. Prelims went very well however :-)

Molio Wed 11-Feb-15 17:11:23

Nothing here either. English applicant/History. All the other unis have replied.

Fortysix Wed 11-Feb-15 17:28:44

Nothing either (Bus Man) but a friend had a rejection a fortnight ago (Med)

RandomFriend Thu 12-Feb-15 13:41:00

Still waiting. All others have replied. DD has offers from Durham, Bristol and KCL.

Fortysix Fri 20-Feb-15 16:21:11

DD's friend just got an offer for Medicine this afternoon so some movement now ... Two others weren't successful sadly.

RandomFriend Fri 20-Feb-15 16:42:15

DD's friend received a rejection earlier this week. So things are certainly moving. DD is still waiting...

brainwashed Wed 25-Feb-15 13:59:51

Still waiting. DS is currently trying to decide whether or not to go to a offer holders day at Durham ....would be really helpful if he knew what the situation with Edinburgh was beforehand.

heronsfly Wed 25-Feb-15 14:18:24

My dd got an offer late last night, English and History BBB required.She's delighted, Im pleased for her but very apprehensive, we are in Kent so if she achieves the grades and takes the place she will be a loooong way away.

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