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Mature students? How do you cope?

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Arsenal123 Tue 06-Jan-15 13:08:59

I have a great support system and plenty of time to study but I often find I lose interest because it seems like all I have time for.

A lot of the time I am not being productive because I am trying to do work but at a slow rate. I think I am trying to be a perfectionist and get everything right first time but it's very impractical and time consuming. If I wasn't studying I would be out walking, cooking, visiting, exploring, working.

During my last exam Period I only really left the house for essentials and I hated it.

How do you cope with the trade off between your abilities, responsibilities and your need to have an actual life of your own

18yearstooold Tue 06-Jan-15 13:13:43

I timetable my studying and stick to it

I also make sure I have one completely free day at the weekends

I find I work best in blocks of 50 minutes - 1 hour so I schedule breaks around this as it makes me more effective

And I've seriously lowered my standards around housework grin

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