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Can any students with children who have applied for childcare grant help me please?

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PoutyBastardWhoKnowsNothing Tue 09-Dec-14 17:50:02

I have been told, after being given the run around since September, that I will not qualify for the childcare grant. Supposedly this decision was reached at the end of September but as late as 20th of November I was told I would be receiving money within weeks.

Does anyone know what the cut off point wage wise for the grant is? My partner earns the same as last year and we got the grant then. He earns £22000 a year but after rent, council tax, travel costs, insurance, etc and feeding a family of four I can't believe they deem that enough to also pay two sets of childcare with! I have made a complaint which will take 15 days. I have also been told to write to them to get a break down of costs but that will probably take ages too. We are completely out of money after paying two sets of childcare since September under the belief we would be getting it back.

I am in my final year and can see no other option than to drop out as we simply can't afford to do this without the grant. If anyone could point me in the direction of figures, etc so I can figure out what is going on it would be greatly appreciated. I am utterly heartbroken and defeated.

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