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University of Toronto

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Mydiethasworked Thu 13-Nov-14 15:39:51

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of it?
I'm not concerned about the cost, just what it's like to be a student from the UK and student life in general etc.
I do know you don't have to sit the SAT that they accept UK qualifications.
My DC wants a broad education, he's very good at both sciences and arts but doesn't know which he want to concentrate on at the moment as he has no long term career plans, doesn't mind the cold, is happy to travel away from home and shift for himself, wants to be in a large multicultural city, and therefore is very interested in it.

ttlshiwwya Thu 13-Nov-14 19:01:04

No recent experience but I did my masters there 20 years ago. When I went it was well regarded for science and engineering (no MIT or Stanford but equivalent to a good RG uni in the UK). I couldn't have been made more welcome by the staff, students and locals. Loved the city especially the multicultural mix.

However I was a tutor for some undergraduate tutorials and I remember thinking that the students were less advanced than I was at the same age. Might just have been the students I had. Worth checking how well regarded the degree is.

Mydiethasworked Fri 14-Nov-14 18:25:19

Thanks it's ranked in the global top 20 for six areas and is up there with some of the Ivies; U Penn and Duke etc. it's Canada's leading university.
We have been told that the US/Canadian students will be less advanced but this may not be a bad thing because he can settle into a new country without having to worry about academic pressure as well and with the added bonus of the opportunity to study a variety of subject perhaps not studied at A level. This is very appealing for my DC. He's also very keen to travel and have new experiences.

PiratePanda Mon 17-Nov-14 17:49:22

It's an outstanding university across the board, but I've really only known UK students go there for postgraduate degrees.

How expensive are the international fees? Cost of living?

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