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Another University ranking guide: what do you think?

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senua Fri 10-Oct-14 11:19:52

For my sins, I am on LinkedIn so an e-mail pinged into my inbox the other day trumpeting their new initiative. The theory is that they have lots of bright young things saying I went to University X and couldn't find a job / got employment with firm Y. They then follow up with I had a job at Y and couldn't stand it so I left for company Z / I loved it so much I stayed for years. And so on.
They have compiled this cyber stalking information into League Tables. Early days, not very comprehensive (only lists five careers) and unsurprising results but what do you think?

antimatter Tue 14-Oct-14 08:46:05

So far I saw only US universities/colleges (top 3 in each category). TBH - not really relevant to most mumsnetters.

I'll explore that list further later on but it may take time for UK unis to be listed there.

senua Sun 02-Nov-14 15:16:11

I think that there is a drop-down box which allows you to change the settings between USA / UK.
What bothers me is that it all seems to be reliant on volume - large Universities and large employers will be overrepresented, thereby skewing results.

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