Med school 2015

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Jollyroorah Thu 02-Oct-14 18:53:50

Does anyone have a son/daughter applying to med school. This is my first child applying to uni. All very new to me and all too stressful!! Bmat exam next month!

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Mindgone Thu 02-Oct-14 19:06:52

Another one over here, but no BMAT thankfully! If you have any other children, if they apply for different courses, it'll be a walk in the park compared with this!

Jollyroorah Thu 02-Oct-14 19:25:41

Really worried about the Bmat exam as it's needed for his first choice uni.

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peteneras Fri 03-Oct-14 10:24:28

I wouldn’t just concentrate on his first choice uni to the exclusion of all else, if I were you/him. This is ‘Medicine’ we are talking about, or at least I think you are talking about. Did he sit any UKCAT recently or is he totally disregarding UCKAT schools?

Decorhate Fri 03-Oct-14 18:34:55

My d is also applying for medicine & doing the BMAT. The past month had been all about the personal statement. Now BMAT to take over our lives. Will be relieved when all over

Molio Fri 03-Oct-14 22:54:30

DS has a book on his bookshelf called '400 BMAT Practice Questions' by Lydia Campbell and Olivier Picard. He didn't use much else as far as I know but got high marks on the BMAT and into both of his BMAT unis. Perhaps everyone uses that book, don't know (very unmedical myself). But in case it helps.....

Decorhate Sat 04-Oct-14 07:53:49

Thanks Molio. I know school have lent her some books. If that's not one of them I'll get it for her


andadietcoke Sat 04-Oct-14 07:58:02

I don't know that much about BMAT but I know a lot about UKCAT and in the interview side, and the Olivier Picard UKCAT book is often the only thing people use. He runs a company called ISC Medical which has been around for years and they run courses to get into med school and further down the line for ST and Consultant posts as they do a lot on interview skills. I'd suggest it's probably a good place to start.

alreadytaken Sat 04-Oct-14 10:35:43

don't panic about the BMAT, just get the 400 questions book. If they haven't done any mathematics for a while refreshing their maths skills may help. They will get their results before interviews start.

Decorhate Sat 04-Oct-14 12:50:26

She's doing A Level maths so hopefully that aspect should be ok

Oyster2 Sat 04-Oct-14 14:52:34

Can I join in. Dd applying this year. UCAS has been sent but BMAT now looming. She's finding it difficult to focus on it with so much else going on at school so I'm a bit worried she's not finding enough time to prepare. She's applying to Cambridge so needs a high score. Where are your DCs applying?Also some of her friends are getting offers for other subjects so the tension is rising!

unitarian Sun 05-Oct-14 18:14:20

I'm 5 years out of date now so can't advise and I understand the BMAT exam has altered somewhat. DD was 2010 intake but I remember that one of the hardest things was the length of time involved in the med school process when school friends applying for other subjects were getting offers and arranging accommodation!

TBH DD did very little BMAT prep. The school had neglected (!) to enter her for the exam (despite DD checking this at the start of term) and she was so wrought up about that she couldn't concentrate. We only got the exam entry sorted out the day before the exam. It was one of the admission tutors that alerted us to the non-entry and then bent over backwards to arrange it - wonderful woman to whom we are eternally grateful.

DD passed well enough to be called to interview, got 3 offers and is in 5th year now at her first choice med school so it ended well.

Moral of the story? Check everything, then check again.

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