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Coffeemonster1 Sat 20-Sep-14 12:06:56

I am looking to apply for child nursing for next September but am worried about the financial side of things. Could you please tell me what individual grants and loans there are that you can apply for. I have had a look at the main student finance website etc which gives estimates based on living with/without parents but not too much on childcare or what you get on average in terms of help towards the cost of living being that your obviously giving up a full time income? Could anyone tell me about what different support there is?

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AtiaoftheJulii Sat 20-Sep-14 12:17:17

You get your fees paid, then 1K bursary non-means-tested, plus possibly more bursary which is means-tested. You need to go to and have a play there.

Then if it's the BSc you are wanting to do, you can get a normal student maintenance loan too.

Coffeemonster1 Sat 20-Sep-14 12:27:28

Thanks, I've added our details and it's estimated £6300 a year? Do they really think you can keep your house, pay childcare ect on that amount? Or is there additional help for childcare costss?

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AtiaoftheJulii Sun 21-Sep-14 11:04:35

I didn't need to look at the childcare element, but I'm sure there was something on the form about it? Perhaps give them a ring, or they have a Facebook page where you could ask. You've then got your £3800+ from your student loan. And you can work part time when you're doing the theory bits (working whilst on placement would be really hard). You could ask on the student nurse forum too, in case there's any more help available that I don't know about.

themonsteratemyspacebaragain Sun 21-Sep-14 11:11:51

Just been through the whole nhs bursary thing and you will get up to 80% of childcare paid for by the nhs. Plus you will get a maintenance loan from student finance and bursary from the nhs. That £6300 that you quoted sounds about right, i think thats what mine is

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