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Unexpected empty nest in Year Two!

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Alat41 Sun 14-Sep-14 13:36:31

I knew I would feel terrible when my daughter left for Uni last September, I planned to take it really easy the first week and allow myself to feel bad. In the end, I felt like I got over it quite well. I'm single and quite a loner as I have mental health problems, so I soon got used to having the house to myself, having less responsibilities and having a lot less housework to do! I got a new puppy to fill the gap a bit and got on with my new life.

My daughter was home for 4 months over the summer and it was really hard - I struggled to cope with having her here, the mess and her constant presence really got on my nerves at times. For the last month I've been counting down the days when I get my house back, even though we've been really enjoying each other's company at times too.

I drove her down to London yesterday and as soon as I left her I realised that I was in fact really going to miss her. Today I feel absolutely dreadful. I sort of gave up on the housework the last month, thinking I'll just have a blitz when she leaves. Now it's like if I clean up I'll be erasing her presence, even though I hate the mess!!

I was prepared for it last year, but I wasn't this year and I wondered if anyone else felt like this the second year or if it's just me?!

BestIsWest Sun 14-Sep-14 16:41:18

I did. It would catch me at odd times throughout the whole 3 years and I'd go and sit in her bedroom and have a little cry. She's back now for a bit after graduating and driving me mad with the mess.

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