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AS level results on UCAS.

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SugarPlumTree Tue 09-Sep-14 19:03:39

Just been reading what happens with UCAS re AS results which are lower than expected and will be resat next summer.

Am I correct in saying if at a State School the AS results from this summer will have been certified because they have to be now and therefore the original results (not Ungraded but anything else) have to be entered with grade obtained, then entered a second time marked pending to indicate modules will be entered again next summer ? Basically I'm saying you can't leave the first lot off anymore can you ? Many thanks .

heronsfly Tue 09-Sep-14 19:07:22

You have worded this question much better than I could Sugar grin
We are also concerned about this issue, my dd2 had a very low shock result in one of her AS levels and is resitting one part next summer.

SugarPlumTree Tue 09-Sep-14 19:11:57

I had to concentrate really hard on that grin. Let's see what the wise people who know these things say. I'm sure it used to be much simpler and easy to understand.

SugarPlumTree Wed 10-Sep-14 14:33:04

Herons fly, having read on Students Room that all state schools have to bank the AS levels so they have to go on I decided to ring UCAS.

They say if banked have to go on but sometimes schools don't bank them I which case they enter once as pending.

I said how will she know if school has banked them and she said ask them. I said 'so state schools don't have to bank results if they don't want to?' and she said they don't have to. Personally I'd want the same conversation with another person at UCAS before I trusted it 100% but that's what they said.

heronsfly Wed 10-Sep-14 17:59:04

Thank you Sugar, I think this may well be the case as my dd has confirmed that her head of 6th form has told her that her results will be entered as 'pending' fingers crossed she manages to improve her grade, its a shame they have stopped the resits in February.

Londonbug1 Wed 10-Sep-14 18:11:18

I'm sorry what does banked mean?

heronsfly Wed 10-Sep-14 18:38:27

Im no expert, hopefully someone else will be along to explain more clearly
but for us dds unexpected low grade in one AS level will take her below the required entry level for her first choice uni .
So we are basically hoping that this grade will not count or be 'banked' be forgotten about and we can apply using the hopefully higher resit grade.

SugarPlumTree Wed 10-Sep-14 19:28:02

I think the schools can put the grades forward, make them official and the student gets certificates. Or they decline them, enter for resists and results go as pending. I could be wrong though.

My slight concern is won't Admissions tutors work out from age that they are resitting AS levels and how that is viewed?

Greengrow Wed 10-Sep-14 21:31:03

Yes it will be obvious by the dates what is a resit and thus poor first mark, surely?

Molio Wed 10-Sep-14 23:10:54

Any ASs marked as pending will alert tutors to the fact that the results were disappointing. By the time ucas forms need to go in, even for the early deadline, there has been the opportunity to remark. There's no good answer. Probably better to be honest, unless the results were really grim.

Happycamper78 Fri 12-Sep-14 11:48:39

I have spoken to my son's school as he had two disappointing results - and one excellent one he wasn't expecting in the subject he hasn't continued! They reassured me that the universities will rely more on teacher predictions because so many students do improve massively from AS as they learn a lot from where they went wrong. I hope she is right! He will be re-sitting two papers and we've asked for the scripts back. I will ask about banked results as well now.

SugarPlumTree Fri 12-Sep-14 13:36:20

This has been very helpful, thank you. It is my friend's daughter I'm asking for. They are going to ask for a meeting next week. To talk everything through and friend says she feels a bi more clued up.

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