Uni next year as a mature student wwyd

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AliceInGallifrey Sat 30-Aug-14 13:36:10

Yeah the course is a year longer, they rate very high for adult nursing.

If I'd done this ten years ago it would have been much simpler.

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chemenger Sat 30-Aug-14 13:04:17

I don't know anything about nursing degrees but I would assume that the programmes at Edinburgh would be a year longer than their equivalent un English universities, would that influence your decision? It is an expensive city to live in as well.

AliceInGallifrey Sat 30-Aug-14 12:46:44

Little bit of background so hopefully no drip feeding - married, 4yrdd, ds is 1. Mortgage, hubby works full time but shifts inc weekend just a minimum wage job, I work in healthcare can work as much or little as I want now in my new job but my last job I'd been working 50-60 hour weeks. I would leave the house at 6.30 and I'd be out until 11pm I would have 2 days off per week.

I'm due to start my access course in 2 weeks then all things going to plan next year start uni.

I'm torn between paramedic practice at Teesside and nursing.

I will be putting paramedic at top of the list, fingers crossed - but there's a high chance I won't get in, so nursing my very close second leaves me with a list of unis I'm considering at this point.

We live in the north east, Edinburgh and Northumbria are my top contenders

I've asked dh would he be annoyed if I put edinburgh as a choice as we would have to either move as a family, I would have to commute ( probably stay there through the week and home on a weekend if it was viable) of course being the supportive man he is he's told me to go for it and we would figure it out, if we moved as a family he'd have to leave work or cut his hours in half as we would have no one for childcare so we'd literally live off nothing but if I went there alone he'd basically be a single parent through the week but with the support of our families.

Of course I will miss my kids, but in a way doing the shifts I was doing I could go 5-6 days without seeing them and I remind myself it's temporary. In a few years time we will be better financially and I will be far happier then I am now.

So thanks for reading so far! I've got a few questions which if you could help me with I'd really appreciate it.

As a parent could you leave your kids through the week or am I actually stupid to consider it?
Is there an obvious solution I'm missing?
If any of you or your kids have done nursing or paramedic practice where did they do it at and would they recommend the uni?

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