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When will student loan be paid ?

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olaflikeswarmhugs Tue 12-Aug-14 16:50:43

SAAS website says 7th of the month but Student Loans Company said 3 instalments .

SAAS letter just said SLC will pay loan but no dates (there was dates for bursary) confused

cricketballs Tue 12-Aug-14 18:36:34

DS has a letter specifying expected payment dates of 22/09/14, 05/01/15 & 13/04/15. It does state that first paymentwill be within 3 to 4 working days of aattendance being confirmed by the uni. He moves in on 20th, first day 22nd, so I imagine he will get his first payment will be the week after (not that he can spend it as its less than his accommodation payment....)

JellicleCat Tue 12-Aug-14 20:14:07

If it's SAAS it's paid monthly on the 7th with a double helping in September, and I think the last one is paid in May. But I think the September one may only be paid on the start date of the course.

No idea what happens elsewhere in the UK.

mumeeee Wed 13-Aug-14 19:35:18

Student Loan is paid in 3 installments at the beginning of each term. Each installment is paid after the university has confirmed the students attendance.

MillyMollyMama Sat 16-Aug-14 22:57:17

DD had hers paid into her accommodation bank account because the university then took the accommodation costs from this account. Saved a lot of hassle and she never touched it. You have to work out a system that works for your DC. We paid her a monthly sum into another account for everything else.

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