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TSR personal statement review service.

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SlowlorisIncognito Fri 08-Aug-14 18:27:22

I've seen the service recommended/discussed a few times over here, so I thought it would be worth letting people know there are going to be major changes to the service as of September. The changes haven't been fully announced on the site yet, but I'm a PS helper over there (same username if anyone really wants to stalk me), and TBH I have my doubts about how well/clearly they will be announced.

It has been mentioned on the public forums over there, though, so I think it's ok to bring it up here.

Basically, free, full reviews will no longer be available from September of this year. The service was unsustainable due to high popularity and lack of active helpers. A free statement builder tool will be available, and a paid review service is being launched.

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