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Anyone else doing GCSE Maths?

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queenceleste Sat 16-Sep-06 09:06:22

I've just started an intensive maths GCSE course so I can apply to do a PGCE. It is so hard but I've got through the first evening's class. Anyone else doing this?

IvortheEngine Sat 16-Sep-06 09:39:08

No, but good luck with it. I've been buying books for the kids to help them with their maths. Try looking in Waterstones or Ottakars (esp when the buy 2 get 1 free offer is on - like now) to see what's available if you need help with things you don't understand. Sorry this is rushed!

jellybeans Sun 24-Sep-06 21:38:20

I also have just started Maths GCSE and it is definately VERY intensive! I am not sure about career plans yet, just upping my education while being a SAHM. We are starting with statistics and cumulative frequency charts etc. I am finding it tough, never listened at school (am paying now!) Are you doing the modular course? (Intermeidate) Our class is very large and about half are mature students like me, and half resitting teenagers (always giggling-abit annoying!) Good luck and don't be as bad as me counting down the weeks till the end of course! x

quantum Sun 24-Sep-06 21:58:40

Keep persevering everyone! - try and get a set of past exam papers - you should see that the questions each year are very similar and it's practice that will make a difference. Most people who work at intermediate GCSE will get at least a grade C (I'm a maths teacher currently on maternity leave!) Good look - you could always ask for hwlp via MN!!

frenchconnection Sun 08-Oct-06 11:21:03

Yes ive started gcse maths this month so i can apply to do speech therapy degree.
Am finding it very fast paced and quite tough! i do an evening class at my old sixth form which brings back memories of my happiest days, but i am struggling with the work already!
Got first exam in January and coursework before then!

figroll Wed 18-Oct-06 09:22:16

Not doing maths GCSE, but I have just completed 2 Open University Maths courses and am embarking on my 3rd. My kids think I am totally mad, because I am doing it for fun! I did my O Level years ago, so it hasn't been easy picking it up after all these years.

Good luck in your GCSE.

queenceleste Tue 05-Dec-06 14:00:59

Quantum, thanks for the encouragement, it's so hard, I'm 41 and it's decades since I've done any of this but I need it to do the PGCE which is fair enough. I'm really enjoying some of it though - the extent of my former mathematical ignorance is extraordinary!
Where can I see old papers - online?
How's it going Jellybeans? We have three horrid giggling salad munching endlessly chatting resitting lasses. The rest of us are serious mature students from every part of the globe! A delegation of us went to the teacher last week to ask her if she would address it with these girls. She said she would - fingers crossed. Anyone else doing Maths GCSE?

Milliways Fri 29-Dec-06 20:45:28

I sometimes feel like I am as DD takes her GCSE's in May & I have read all the coursework etc before she hands it in.

Do you take mocks? DD took hers just before the Christmas hols.

Good luck everyone.

daisey Sun 18-Feb-07 18:05:43

where are you doing your maths gcse? is it an open course or evening course?

jellybeans Sat 24-Feb-07 20:30:17

Hey everyone, how you all doing? i have managed to stick with the course, although after some difficult family times (m/c) i got a few weeks behind. I got a B for module 1. Next exam is soon. The class has more than halved in size since Sept, loads of people have dropped out, it takes alot of determination and willpower, I have struggled alot to keep going.xxxxx

jellybeans Sat 24-Feb-07 20:33:25

Daisey, I have done both open GCSE's and done them at college. For maths, you really need to attend college; day or evening; the latter usually contains more adults, many of who work in the day but want to go on to further education at some point. You always get few giggling teens in the class too lol.It is definately the hardest and most intensive course i have done so far, i don't think i would have stuck it at home. But it depends how determined you are, how long ago you did it at school and how good at maths you are!

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