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Will they take my place away?

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LoveIsAnOpenDoor Fri 25-Jul-14 20:56:30

I have an unconditional offer for a primary education degree starting in September and have been sent a health declaration form to assess whether I have any health problems that could affect my ability to do the course and to work with children in placement.

I've had depression and anxiety for years and I am currently managing this with what is apparently a strong dose of an anti-psychotic and an anti-depressant. The medication is helping and I have just finished therapy with a psychologist.

I'm absolutely terrified that if I disclose my condition and medication that they will think I am unfit to teach and will take my place away.

Has anyone had any experience of this or have any advice? I don't know what to do!

Don't panic!!!
They may ask for a little more info from your GP, and as long as you are being treated and reasonably ok, it will be FINE.

My DD1 was on medication when she started Medicine, and like you, panicked when the health declaration camre through, but all they were interested in was ensuring she had adequate support for her difficulties at University.

They have been amazing actually (she had anorexia recovered.., depression and has ADHD) and it has been NO barrier to her University career so far.. about to do her 5th and final year. Obviously like you, she had to be 'safe' to work with children, vulnerable adults etc and it has been fine..

Be honest, but be assured it will be

callamia Sun 27-Jul-14 16:17:36

I think it will be fine - sometimes we ask students for a 'fitness to practice/study' note from their doctor, but this is usually in the case of students who have had time off for their illness and are hoping to return.

You are clearly well enough, and managing your condition in a stable and responsible way. This is all anyone can ask for.

rockpink Tue 19-Aug-14 09:42:27

I think you will be just fine, did you send it off yet?

I have heard from other students that occupational health only reply if there's an issue, (I have a medical condition too) I sent off the forms months ago and heard nothing at all.

(and good luck! I'm doing the same degree as you at the same time) smile

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