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UCAS help please?

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SugarPlumTree Fri 18-Jul-14 17:23:27

Would someone mind helping me out with the whole UCAS thing please? I'm helping a friend support her DD who is going into year 13 and want to make sure of the facts as she's getting from her DD are totally correct and she knows exactly what she is doing .

I'm assuming AS results do go on the UCAS form ? How much weight is given to them and how much to the predicted A2 results and does the personal statement have much influence for courses such as Business Economics ?If AS levels are weaker than GCSE and predicted A2 grades, what's the deal on that?

Her DD is saying that the AS grades don't count as they might resist a module or something like that so I just want to be totally clear, I think there's a bit of chinese whispers going on . Many thanks.

titchy Fri 18-Jul-14 18:08:29

Yes AS results go on. I thought there were no more module resits for AS any more - the AS contributes to half the full A level grade, so if they're poor AL results will also be poor. They can resit the entire AS next year though.

If AS results are significantly lower than predicted A level grades this won't look good - it'll look like the college has been persuaded to inflate the predicted grades.

Not that much attention is given to the personal statement, though some are more interested thN others. It won't make up for low grades though.

SugarPlumTree Fri 18-Jul-14 18:35:02

Thanks Titchy. I am a bit dubious about the info the school is giving them to be honest. The Careers person allegedly said about resisting modules.

I am a bit worried about the AS grades to be honest. I think she's been predicted ABC by the school for AS and also for A2 (friend a bit hazy) on the latter) She's had to do her 4th AS with a private tutor who is saying hopefully an A. So if she did achieve the predicted AS grades drops the weakest then her prediction for A2 would be AAB.

She's looking at places like Exeter and Bath. Looking at the entry requirements for Exeter that's just the bottom of their range. She did well at GCSE with 10 A's but found the AS level to be a struggle which caught everyone off guard.

She has however done very well getting work experience with Financial Institutions, being one of only two people for our region, selected after tests and an interview at one well known company and offered a job for the end of A levels at another (wasn't for her) so she obviously is very able and interviews well.

circular Fri 18-Jul-14 19:24:43

DD1 also year 12 was told you could resit individual modules, but just not in January.

senua Fri 18-Jul-14 20:50:51

I'd always say to aim high. If you don't get in then you can always re-apply the following year with known grades and earn some money / get some relevant experience in the gap year.
Can she get in contact with Admissions and try to get them to detail the process in their University, where their emphasis lies?
Are you saying she had tutor-help with the fourth subject or are you saying that she had to do it totally outside the school? If the latter then I would mention that in the Personal Statement - shows initiative, pro-activeness, dedication, etc

SugarPlumTree Fri 18-Jul-14 21:03:42

The latter as two of the ones she wanted to do clashed on the timetable and out of school was the only way forward as she really wanted to do it. Very good point about putting it on her personal statement, hadn't thought of that.

I've suggested a possible gap year but that hasn't been well received so far. I guess it is only a few weeks till results are out then she'll know where she's at and meanwhile she's got work experience and can be working on her personal statement. Thanks, this is helping and I'll know what I'm doing when it's DS' s turn !

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