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Balls. I have lost my uni fee funding. Help!

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BeyondTheVirtualActivist Thu 01-May-14 13:31:50

Any suggestions of specific places to ask, or failing that, suggestions as to how I can acquire £600 by June? From companies/charities etc, this is not a begging thread!

As I'm in Wales, student loan for OU may be a problem (as its not my first year) but the OU are on the case for me as I am studying "full time". If they come back to say its okay then great, but I want a plan B. Grant entitlement is what brings it down to £600 (if i do fewer modules, I'll also get less of a grant). DH earns too much for welsh government grants etc, but til my PIP goes through sometime in the next 20 years a lot of his wages are paying for disability related stuff for me.

I know I can defer for a year, but my degree is one of the things keeping me going with my shit health atm, so that's an absolute last resort.

OU have an internal charity for people struggling with fees, have already contacted them.

Mumsnetters are amazing and can solve any crisis, so I know you can help. smile

Thanks for checking smile
Letter sent to the ou charity and application to finance for the grant today (plus my DSA continuation form thingy)

Have a load of addresses now to sent more letters, which i have to type up, plus i was told to try local parish as they have done fundint for someone before. Have an essay due this week too though so been trying to split the time between the two. smile

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