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MBA Thesis - Qualitative research and narrowing down topic to something "research-able"

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Quinteszilla Sat 01-Feb-14 14:11:31

I am a bit stuck on my thesis topic.
I am considering doing a study related to cross cultural business, the cultural effect of a country on organizational structure within the workplace, and barriers caused by this when working together across organizations.
I want to look at the extent the countrys culture manifest itself in the organizational structure, and how this can be difficult when working with another organization of a different structure.

Where do I find good and recent research relating to this?

Also, I think qualitative method is most suited, but how do I select questions that can tell me something measurable?

I am lost.

UptheChimney Sun 02-Feb-14 07:58:53

Where do I find good and recent research relating to this?

Um, you're doing a high level degree. Go back to your research methods notes. Contact your supervisor. Take small steps.

You should know what to do here. Go back to your research basics. REad around: you will have to do far more reading for a dissertation than you think: you need to read widely and use that reading to define your field. Then you see where there are interesting, answerable questions within that field. At Masters level, you don't have to make "an original contribution to knowledge" but you do have to make a substantial independent study.

I'd be a bit worried about a Masters level student who doesn't know where to find the starting point, to be honest.

Quinteszilla Sun 02-Feb-14 09:26:48

You are absolutely right.

I have been battling this topic the last two weeks, to the point where I was thinking I cannot possibly do this masters, and then concluded I need to change my topic to one where I know what questions to ask!

My previous MA was in Classics, more than 10 years ago, and highly philosophical, after all, my sources were all centuries old, and anything new and exciting were interpretations.

I only started back in August, and not going to start writing my dissertation for a year, but we got coursework two weeks ago to introduce our topic over a 3 page write up. I did not feel ready for that yet.

But I am studying distance learning (blended? Online and workshops) with my old university in Norway, so have limited access to libraries and resources. There an MBA is supposed to offer new insights, and seems much more research based. I have to study something current, and of general interest, which provides new knowledge.
My modules now are Organizational Theory, and Research Method. I am just two weeks into the modules.

So, I changed my topic.
If I cant figure out where my starting point is, then I am doing the wrong topic.

I will study to what degree cyber-crime is driving forward changes in how organizations communicate and collaborate.

At least, cyber crime, internet and email security is "my area" and if I can put my own field into a dissertation, the outcome will be so much better. I know where to find my resources, and I know the area well enough to try find a good starting point. I will narrow it down more as I go along.

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