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Open university term dates

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ClaraStahlbaum Sat 04-Jan-14 23:49:35

I'm trying to find when the Open University term dates are. Nothing comes up when I search their site or Google. Are they set like brick and mortar term/semester dates?

HeeHiles Sat 04-Jan-14 23:51:26

Depends on which course and which level - some start in Feb, April and October. Find the course you want then see when it runs - OU doesn't really have terms like traditional Uni's

ClaraStahlbaum Sun 05-Jan-14 00:05:36

I'm wanting to start BSc Psychologyin Oct. I can't tell when, for example the Christmas holidays would be. If it were bricks and mortar then I could assume assessments/exams either before the hols or in late Jan/early Feb depending on term or semester system.

I have children and want to figure out if I'll be relatively free over school holidays, or still hard at it!

3bunnies Sun 05-Jan-14 00:14:37

Exams are usually mid June or mid October depending on when the course starts. Assignments aren't usually due in during Christmas week but might be due in just before or just after Christmas, also around Easter time. Assignments are often set at the beginning of the course so you can get ahead of yourself and finish assignments in advance of the holidays. Childcare issues aren't usually considered grounds for an extension unless it was something unforseen such as illness in a child. I hope that helps.

ClaraStahlbaum Sun 05-Jan-14 00:18:47

Thanks! That's helpful!

Love the idea of getting ahead in something..can't imagine it happening though!

kentishgirl Tue 11-Feb-14 00:39:55

The courses run continuously - not broken up by terms and breaks. You'll normally (always?) get a week off at Xmas and you may or may not get a week or two 'independent study/break' weeks. Current course it's just the Xmas week off.

LowCarbHeaven Tue 11-Feb-14 00:54:16

Start date for my course is October. 2 weeks off over christmas. 8 essays . Exam in June . Then have June till October off when new module begins.

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