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Is anyone else applying for nursing, child or adult. or midwifery? Support thread?

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mamicar Fri 29-Nov-13 11:59:49

My UCAS has gone today! eek. Ive already had my track details and checked twice (only went an hour ago!)

So nervous and excited!

MikeTheShite Fri 29-Nov-13 12:06:19

im applying for social work and although not in your thread title is also over subscribed and hard to get onto. I feel your excitement and nerves too smile
where are you applying

GinAndIt Fri 29-Nov-13 12:35:00

Can I ask mamicar- have you applied for nursing and midwifery courses at the same time?

mamicar Fri 29-Nov-13 13:45:51

Nooo Gin! Just Child Nursing smile

I've applied for the three south wales uni's. I am on Access course at the mo and the midwife to be students have all heard back already since sending there apps two weeks ago... Adult nurses havent heard anything. I am the only Child Nurse on the course.

MiketheShite - Good Luck, Love the name!

MikeTheShite Fri 29-Nov-13 15:21:22

thank you.
im on a access to social sciences at the moment wink

mamicar Fri 29-Nov-13 16:58:44

its tough going the access course. so many assignments at once!

PennySillin Fri 29-Nov-13 17:00:24

Oh good luck! It really is the BEST job in the world smile

MikeTheShite Fri 29-Nov-13 19:09:20

yes most certainly tough. are you on access to health care

mamicar Fri 29-Nov-13 19:25:12

Access to Health Professions. I currently have sociology, psychology, health and biology on the go smile

MikeTheShite Fri 29-Nov-13 19:28:32

ah I have the first two along with the independent project

rightsaidfrederick Sat 30-Nov-13 11:56:03

You'll be able to find quite a few other applicants here smile

mamicar Sun 01-Dec-13 08:18:20

I have acknowledgment from Cardiff! grin

ditavonteesed Tue 03-Dec-13 15:36:15

Hi, I have applied for adult nursing post graduate, got a rejection from one uni and have been asked to complete some apel forms for another (better) university which I am currently working on, only got 2 weeks and they need to be perfect. I also have to get a reference from work tyo prove that I actually work in health care. Am struggling, I know what I should be saying but what is coming out is bluergh.

mamicar Tue 03-Dec-13 17:16:17

what is apel forms? Never heard of them x

ThePortlyPinUp Tue 03-Dec-13 17:18:49

I'm about to apply for adult nursing at The UEA. I'm currently doing an access to science and nursing course and really enjoying it, could really only apply to one university at the moment due to the family but have a fall back plan in place I get refused.

mamicar Tue 03-Dec-13 17:26:25

I've had my first wobble in college this week SO many assignments all due within days of each other. Sociology one I am really struggling with though.

ditavonteesed Tue 03-Dec-13 17:33:01

apel is accreditation of prior (certified/experential) learning. it is basically a reflective piece on each of my work places (there are only 2 thank god) to prove that I have done enough to do nursing in 2 years. They ahve to send it to the NMC for approval before they can interview you for the course.

mamicar Tue 03-Dec-13 17:44:34

ahh so won't come up for me then? phew!

Good luck!

ditavonteesed Tue 03-Dec-13 17:48:31

you will get the assisgnments done, and think of the relief afterwards smile

mamicar Tue 03-Dec-13 17:55:53

Thanks smile I think I put too much pressure on myself. Ive handed in 5 so far and had all distinctions so need to have more faith in myself!! Just really struggling with sociology, the other subjects I am okay with.

mamicar Thu 05-Dec-13 11:21:44

I managed to finish my sociology smile handed it in via email as youngest boy is quite poorly and I had a lovely email back saying well done for doing it and she is very proud of me smile. how lovely

ditavonteesed Thu 05-Dec-13 21:11:22

thats lovely and a relief I bet to get it in, hope little one is better. I ot an interview for undergraduate nursi as well as the portfolio to put together for post graduate. I just turned my computer o tonight and there it was. grin

mamicar Thu 05-Dec-13 21:15:13

yay well done grin

ThePortlyPinUp Sat 07-Dec-13 18:34:44

I've just sent my ucas off for my reference to be added, phew glad that it's gone. Got a study skills assignment to write tomorrow, it's not got to be for over a week but I want to get it done and dusted early so I can concentrate on the next wave of assignments.

mamicar Sat 07-Dec-13 21:32:50

what's the study skills assignment?

I'm working on evaluating the four psychology perspectives. kind of. I've wrote intro anyway then downed tools to eat chocolate grin

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