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DS getting blame for flatmates acivities

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GreenShadow Mon 11-Nov-13 16:54:33

DS2 is in his first year at university and living in standard halls of residence on campus.
He gets on OK with his flatmates, but with the exception of one (I'll call him Jim), doesn't have much to do with them.
They had a routine flat inspection a couple of weeks ago and the inspector found some nitrous oxide capsules in the kitchen area.

All 6 of the residents had to meet the accommodation manager but needless to say, no one owned up.

DS is quite an innocent - when he and Jim were clearing up before the inspection they saw these capsules but having no idea what they were, left them in case they were something important and belonged to one of the others. When the email arrived summoning them to the managers meeting, he had didn't even know what the manager was talking about and had to ask me what the problem was.

As no one owned up, they are all now going to be fined £100 (or £50 and attend a canabis awareness session) plus receive a 'final warning'.

Is there anything he can do? It's one person's word against another's and while the manager gave the impression that he believed DS and Jim at the meeting, I don't suppose he can do anything but fine the lot of them if no one admits to it.

Any advice welcome.

GreenShadow Thu 14-Nov-13 21:05:10

optimusic- I know - they are completely legal, but the hall regulations states no 'legal highs', although quite how they define that is another matter....

intitgrand Mon 09-Dec-13 16:26:34

No way would I be encouraging my DC to be blamed for something they hadn't done.NO WAY!!

intitgrand Mon 09-Dec-13 20:29:37

especially not to do with drugs.The merest whiff of anything on his record to do with drugs, could have far reaching effects in teh future.

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