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DD took a Uni exam in August ! She is possibly not telling truth . ???

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fakeblondie Sat 14-Sep-13 02:21:56

So we had to rearrange our hol for an exam which the Uni apparently didn't publish the date for until the week before !
DD insisted she had this exam because they didn have jan exams but that if she fails she can't return for her 3 rd year .
I say it all sounds a bit odd . Exams in Aug when Uni is pretty much closed and off the course after 1 attempt !
I've just googled and all exams in August are coming up as resists which she denies.
She is also burying her head in the sand about her QTS exams which involves a maths test . She had 3 or 4 attempts to gain a C in maths so I am very concerned she won't pass this and even come out a teacher if she passes the actual degree .
She has partied for 2 years and although she obviously loves teaching she has no discipline or motivation to put much effort into her actual studies .
i Stupidly allowed my mother to pretty much do everything for her all her life including all her school coursework (which I didn't know about at time )
When I found out I put a stop to it and caused huge family rift but felt she needed to do her studies herself . She mostly did at A level but oly just scraped her place with an amazing personal statement lots of voluntary work and a good interview.
Now the work has really started she isn't doing it . I know she's just doing the bare minimum .She spends all her time shopping spending money she doesn't actually have and working which we asked her not to too because she should be studying . But she wants more money than we can give her which is a reasonable amount, plus her job money plus she took out a loan which she didn't need and she has credit cards and a student overdraft fgs.
I think she is going to come out with a huge debt and very little else .
She just laughs and says if she goes abroad for a year it gets written off !

I have even offered to pay for private tuition and in fact had a guy come twice when she comes home to work but she decided she wold rather have a bloody diving lesson !
Sorry just needed to get it off my chest . We are so upset . Don't like watching her spend so much money when it isn't even hers and she thinks we are sad because we don't buy nice things and expensive food . She has Sainsburys delivery fgs and she only lives in the house Mon to thur !
I just feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing and my mother will blame me entirely for anything that goes wrong because she is obsessed with her !

mumeeee Tue 17-Sep-13 18:58:12

Well done to your DD fakeblondie. Perhaps she'll realise she''s got to work at this degree now.

creamteas Tue 17-Sep-13 19:29:07

That's good news.

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