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German Language courses in Germany

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LibraryBook Fri 13-Sep-13 00:54:12

BlackMogul - sorry I missed your post before. Thank you. I'll get him to make full enquiries about what might be sufficient.

LibraryBook Wed 11-Sep-13 21:25:47

Needmoresleep thank you. That is exactly what we had in mind. grin

Needmoresleep Tue 10-Sep-13 19:51:06

Goethe Institut. Super organised and really efficient. Also fun. Qualifications link up with European wide levels so good for University exchanges. Quite possible to do courses through the summer to avoid year out.

BlackMogul Tue 10-Sep-13 19:35:43

It requires an AS in German. You are right so I would ask if they would look at an alternative as he doesn't have German AS at a B grade. It is odd that a dS of a friend of ours did Mechanical Engineering at Bristol with year in France at a Grande Ecole (very exclusive and academically challenging) and that only needed GCSE French but language course at the University was compulsory. Strange that Economics requires an AS and Engineering not when both are being taught abroad in year 3. I would ask if AS is absolutely compulsory or whether they can be flexible. I think the companies above may offer something or he could just do AS level here. Work experience abroad may be the way to go but still is not a qualification.

LibraryBook Tue 10-Sep-13 08:39:59

Black mogul -thanks for responding. Bristol is one of my son's choices. But economics with a year abroad requires an A level in German (or whichever language is relevant) and he doesn't have that.

BlackMogul Mon 09-Sep-13 22:36:42

Language courses abroad or Apple Languages is a starting point.

BlackMogul Mon 09-Sep-13 16:59:53

Yes they do! Have a look at the course requirements. It is Economics with a year abroad in continental Europe. I would imagine you would find other high quality universities will have similar partnerships with German Universites. Good luck.

BlackMogul Mon 09-Sep-13 16:55:46

I am not sure he has to do a year out to get onto one of these courses as they teach the target language as part of the course. I know at Bristol you have to reach a required standard for them to agree to send you, but this will almost certainly make the degree four years so an extra year adds to this. I am sure the types of companies tha offer language courses abroad will have something but if you do it as part of your course you can usually get university accommodation and study your subject at a top class university. Friend of my DD at Bristol continued to study French with his MEng course and went to France to study Engineering, in French. Not sure if Bristol combine economics with German. I will have a look.

LibraryBook Mon 09-Sep-13 16:41:22

My 17 year old would like to take a year out after school (he's currently doing A levels maths, further maths, physics and economics) to learn a language before going to university. He has an A* grade GCSE German but nothing beyond that. He would like to go to Germany to study the language at a residential place.

It would probably need to be something that gave some formal certification of his proficiency at the end as he hopes to use it on his degree course (he wants to do economics with a year abroad (in Germany). Does anyone know of such a programme?

We know it would likely cost a fair amount but we think it would be worthwhile in many ways.

Thanks for reading.

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