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So when do I stop missing him?

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RustyBear Mon 09-Sep-13 07:48:51

Link to the empty nest support thread mentioned by exotic fruits. I started the first thread 7 years ago when my DS first left for uni and this is its second edition, started by MissMarplesBloomers - lots of people have found it very useful.

My DS's initial response was pretty much 'It's alright, yeah' and he was somewhat uncommunicative throughout his time at Warwick, but he has made some lasting friends there -he is now sharing a house in London with friends from Warwick.

exoticfruits Mon 09-Sep-13 07:39:39

It takes ages to stop buying too much food!

claraschu Mon 09-Sep-13 07:33:02

Mine is gone too, and the house is SO empty. He is impossible to talk to as he is studying abroad, and doesn't seem to want to keep in touch. He is usually so chatty, and now his absence is so complete. I know it is good for him to move on and not to be looking back, but I miss him desperately. Also, I keep buying too much food.

meisiemee Mon 09-Sep-13 07:15:13

He sounds a sociable boy so will settle soon. He may not want to say how brilliant it is in case he worries he hurts your feelings. Don't worry enjoy the weekly chats you will tell if he is really unhappy. My ds is 6 and I miss him when I go to work and he goes to school so I can kind of imagine how you feel! X

exoticfruits Mon 09-Sep-13 07:14:53

There is an 'empty nest support thread' on here-try joining that and finding people going though the same.

exoticfruits Mon 09-Sep-13 07:10:10

He sounds like mine and 'it's alright, yeah' is the most you get! I would say that no news was good news. They are all in the same boat- all keen to make friends so I would imagine he will be fine, especially as he appears to have been sociable at home.
I would find new things to fill your time with- the time goes quickly.

happycrimblechuckie Mon 09-Sep-13 07:03:37

My son has gone off to uni, so proud of him, and there are good points, the kitchen looks the same when I get up as it did when I went to bed. There is no loud music blaring out as I walk down the street. There are no random girls walking through your lounge on a Saturday morning. But, just how do you upload the old video camera to the I Mac? and what has happened to the Broadband? Also why the hell doesn't my laptop work?
Seriously though I cannot stop thinking about whether he has spoken to anyone yet, is he just laying in that prison cell I left him in crying and wishing he was home? When I asked if he is settled in he said, "it's alright yeah" what does that mean? Not brilliant i suspect. When will I stop thinking like this and just enjoy a weekly chat about stuff we have all been up to?

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