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Better than expected A level results - now so confused, help!

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mindgone Fri 16-Aug-13 13:59:28

I never expected this problem, and would never have expected it to be such a difficult one!
DS has ABB offer for pharmacy in a RG uni
Yesterday got A*A*A.
Loves chemistry, and is now wondering about chemical engineering, because a couple of his friends are doing it, and he always thought it sounded great, but assumed it was beyond his reach.
Yesterday, he rang the chem eng dept of the same uni that offered him pharmacy, and someone (I think the HoD) said that with those grades they would definitely take him. He said he would think about it, but was warned to make a quick decision.
He is now in a real dilemma! He is swinging between taking pharmacy, taking chem eng in a hurry, and taking a year out to re think everything.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Especially as he drives me mad a lot of the time, and I think I was looking forward to a more peaceful year without treading on eggshells every day! But of course, he is my son, I love him very much, and will support him in any way I can.


mindgone Tue 03-Sep-13 19:10:52

Home from France now! DS is applying for loads of jobs at the moment, and looking up uni open days -again! I think a year in a relavent industry sounds like a fab idea, especially as he hasn't been thinking about chemical engineering for very long really. Does anyone know where to start looking?

Almostfifty Sat 07-Sep-13 09:56:31

Sorry, just seen this again!

Look at the student room, and google a year in industry. They find firms for you.

chemenger Sat 07-Sep-13 10:32:19

Might be worth contacting the Institute of Chemical Engineers for information on years in Industry, I haven't seen many students who have done this but they do exist. Coincidentally I spoke to a young man who had just done this and to a company (can't name them here but could privately) that does them under some scheme. I can' t remember if you have said where you are - if in the north I could make some suggestions. If he could go to Aberdeen he would definitely find a place.

chemenger Sat 07-Sep-13 10:34:03

I meant to say I spoke to the student and the company last week. As I say to students -always proofread. In my defence I have the wrong glasses on.

Ehhn Sat 07-Sep-13 10:34:34

Year out and work experience in both industries during the year out...

mindgone Sat 07-Sep-13 21:11:23

Thanks all, chemenger, we are in the northwest, but not far from the midlands either!

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