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AAT with local training provider or distance?

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cleopatrasasp Wed 24-Jul-13 02:38:14

I passed using Premier Training for Level 2 and found them very good but I have also heard good things about Eagle Education. Level 3 is harder than Level 2 definitely but not excessively so. I decided to go it alone for Level 3 and just taught myself from the text books and practice exams - and using the AAT forums if I got a bit stuck. I found it reasonable (and much cheaper) to do this but I am quite highly motivated so this just suited my particular style of learning. I passed all the Level 3 exams first time but I did put the work in. I did, however, use Premier Training for the project as I needed more motivation for that. I found the project tutor lovely and she really helped me and boosted my confidence.

Hope that is helpful and wishing you all the luck in the world. I am now doing the ATT exams and they are waaay harder!

dm86 Tue 09-Jul-13 13:49:03


I have just completed Level 2 in Accountancy with the AAT with a local training provider and passed no problems. I now want to move onto Level 3 but the training provider I have been using the evening course is another 2 hours longer and due to struggles with babysitters etc I can't do that. Or I could but it would be at a push.

Just wondered if anyone had completed any AAT qualifications with a distance learning provider i.e. BPP or Kaplan and how they found it?

Would you say that Level 3 is alot harder than Level 2 (which I found relatively straightforward) or is it doable at distance?

Thanks in advance

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