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Mature student - applying to uni?

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cheeseandchive Tue 11-Jun-13 09:54:08

Don't worry some, alot of older people make fantastic mature students so all is not lost! I found that going to uni from work means I am more self-aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and far more aware of what uni costs me (in terms of time, earnings etc).

My college results were nowhere near as good as yours, so I ended up doing 2 A-levels and another language qualification before applying to uni again. One A-level was a night course at a local college, the other was distance learning and I taught myself - both of them were done in a year.

As cream says, contact the universities and ask what they are looking for. Personally, I was so pleased I did another A-level before going back to uni - it got me back into studying again and the subject I chose was really relevant to my degree and gave me a real advantage.

creamteas Sat 08-Jun-13 11:27:31

Universities have discretion over mature students entry, so decide where you want to study and contact the admissions teams. Most unis have open days at the end of June/July but you can also email them to ask.

I'm a social science admissions tutor, and if you were applying to my uni, I would like to see evidence of recent study. This could be an A level, an Access course or OU module or many other level 3 qualifications. Any of these routes could be done in a year, so you could apply for a start in October 2014.

I don't have any A levels at all, but still got in to uni and went on to do, Masters and a PhD, so it is perfectly possible smile

somepeople2013 Sat 08-Jun-13 10:39:17

Im 21, left college in my second year (stupidly as I had AAAB at AS level and had offers to Kings, Warwick, Sussex and Queen Mary and was predicted AAA at A level). I've worked full time in legal administration ever since so 4 years now.

Basically I really want to become a teacher and do an English or Modern History degree (these were my AS subjects along with Business and Government and Politics). How do I go about this - will I have to go back to college for 2 years or are there other ways around this?

I'm so full of regret for my stupid decision but on the other hand I am so determined to do this I know I will give it my all. Just need some advice really about next steps.

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