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Which should I do - A Levels or BTEC?

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kzjm9669 Sat 01-Jun-13 20:40:04

My mum is moving away and she wants me to do BTEC, but I want to continue with A Levels. I'm retaking the year, because throughout this year of AS I have realised I picked subjects that were not for me, so I'm starting all over again. I found 1 college in the area that does all 4 courses I want to do - all I'm waiting for is to see if I have been entered in.

I want to study Sociology and Criminology Combined Honours at university, I know all the entry requirements I need. I could do either BTEC or A Levels (even though I prefer to do A Levels) - I know BTEC can be very limiting, and there isn't a BTEC at this college my mum is looking at which does Law or Sociology, which would be good for applying to uni. And I know the limitations for doing BTEC, for example the grading system

I know what I want to do, my mum just doesn't want me to stay where I am (believing I will just become failure, when I know I won't, if I have to stay with my dad or my uncle, I will have to push myself to the limit and cut down on social needs - if I want to get somewhere in life - however my mum and my older sisters don't think that will happen :/ sad )

Anyway, to cut it short, should I do A Levels or BTEC? My mum thinks I don't want to give BTEC a try - I've done BTEC for PE at school, and the reason why I don't like it, because I found it stressful to constantly repeat the work, then your teacher marks it and you THINK you've got a good grade (I thought I got a merit overall in PE = 2 GCSE B's), then moderators re-marked it, and my merit became a pass (2 GCSE C's - which ruined my chances getting into the 6th form I wanted to go to - I don't want the same for university, seeing a merit is worth a C and a pass is worth an E.

littleginger Sat 01-Jun-13 23:05:09

It sounds like you are focused on what you want so no reason that you will become a failure just because of where you are living.

I think wanting the end goal really badly is a better motivator than having a parent breathing down your neck as you can fob off a parent whereas you would know deep down that you are not doing enough to attain your goal. A levels do require dedication though and I would say that your course choice will be a competitive one at uni so be prepared to knuckle down.

sashh Sun 02-Jun-13 05:13:25

Why don't you read the responses to your other threads instead of repeatedly posting the same thing.

robynamy1 Thu 06-Jun-13 21:22:46

ive just finished pre access to health and social care which i was annoyed about doing because i have 11 gcses a-c but had to do the pre access because i havent been in full time education since school and im now 26. I got a distinction in each unit which i was very suprised about .When i left school i went onto 6th form and did english and psychology spanish and french but left before sitting my exams because i was suffering badly with depression at the time. i believe that the work next year will be harder than this year but i cant see it being much more difficult. i find the assignments helpful because they will be linked to the subjects i will be doing at uni so i will be more confident and prepared because I will have lots of knowledge in the chosen area. I did really enjoy the psychology though so I do understand where your coming from here. I think you should weigh up the pros and cons and dont rule anything out without seriously thinking about everything. Im sure you will get the grades you need to go into university and atleast with a btec there are no exams, just assignments. no last minute nerves!

Kez100 Fri 14-Jun-13 15:41:35

My daughter is doing BTEC and just finished year one with 8 distinctions and 1 merit. It's been really hard work and she puts in easily 20 hours a week on top of the 15 in college. But she loves the fact what she is doing is commercial and useful (i guess that depends on the course chosen) and comes without exams.

It's also good to know when looking at University courses, which entry requirements she thinks she can realistically achieve.

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