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Stressed out mum and DS2

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TheEarlOf Fri 21-Jun-13 16:55:32

Well done to your DS!! Hope he enjoys his summer

Isthiscorrect Thu 20-Jun-13 16:24:29

Well done to DS2 (and to you for holding out and not panicking). Time for a glass of something very nice ;-)

Bearcat Thu 20-Jun-13 14:37:29

Just an update and because Funny asked, DS2 found out today that he has got a 2:1 in his economics degree!
I am so relieved and totally thrilled for him as he has a job offer based on him achieving this 2:1.
For the last 3 weeks it has never been far from my thoughts, what if he didn't get the 2:1 and all the angst of job hunting starting again.
He sounded absolutely dreadful when he phoned me and I was sure I was about to be given disappointing news, but he was hung over, coughing and had got to bed at 9am today. He says although he doesn't feel like it he really must make the effort to go out tonight to celebratehmm
Bringing him home for a rest on Saturday before he goes off on a 5 week trip to the west coast of USA with 2 uni mates before work starts in October.
Thanks for all your replies when I was feeling down.

alreadytaken Thu 30-May-13 21:26:45

one of my friend's children left with a 2.2. It has taken him longer to find a suitable job but he has now done so. He took accountancy exams recently. It will not be the end of the world if your son gets a 2.2 but until the results are out all you can do is make soothing noises. He may have done better than he thinks.

takeaway2 Thu 30-May-13 19:27:53

If there were any good reasons why he may not have done well, he can fill in a concessions form which the exams committee might take into account. This can result in them disregarding his exam and only using his assignment marks or doing calculations in other ways.

Also check the weightage of each year. Some uni are 50-50 2/3 years, others weigh 3rd year more etc. good luck. Don't stress. If the entire year did badly they may moderate it to their favour.

Bearcat Thu 30-May-13 19:27:04

Not sure about the maths of it all, but know that it is the second and third year results that are counted.
DS2 was saying at Easter, when he was spending most of his time completing his dissertation that the dissertation was only worth 8% and that he really must stop working to try and improve it and get on with other revision. I'm thinking that that was of the whole total towards his degree. I think he was quite pleased with it, hoping to maybe get a good or high 2:1 on it.
His brother who also went to Nottingham (and got a First in civil engineering, so never any worries for us with him) says DS2 only needs a 53% average from these final 3 exams and his dissertation (even this starting to look worrying after today's disastrous exam) to get a 2:1.

creamteas Thu 30-May-13 19:06:49

Have you checked what is used to decide the degree result? This is different in every uni I have worked.

It is mean average grades? Is it mode average grades?
What years do they use to calculate this? (eg all final year? Or are the earlier years worth something?)

This information should be available of the website and do check as often students rely on gossip rather than really knowing this.

Does the exam board consider other information when awarding degrees? Where I work currently, the final year dissertation is a big component, and students who just miss the mean average (eg 49,59,69) will often be awarded a degree in the category above (2.2, 2.1. 1st) if they have a strong dissertation.

Bearcat Thu 30-May-13 18:45:50

Funny have just ordered 24 cupcakes to be delivered to a house of 7 boys on Saturday.
Everyone is moaning about the exam apparently.

funnyperson Thu 30-May-13 18:21:03

Fabulous news about the job offer and the decent first and second year marks and having a good time. I suspect a laid back reassuring positive optimistic approach is in order. It is always a good sign if a DS stresses out to his mum cos he has to look cool and calm to his mates. Send a food parcel. Let us know when the results come out! smile

Bearcat Thu 30-May-13 17:16:55

Thanks Fussy for your kind words.
I think that I just have to try and let go of my negative thoughts and think what will be will be.
Sometimes things are fate and just may work out for his future (if not present) happiness if the 2:1 doesn't materialise.
There is nothing I can do about it.
There are a whole lot worse things going on in the world.
Also feeling better for having spoken to my lovely neighbours whilst on my way out earlier on and trying to put things into perspective.
Who knows what's round the corner one way or the other.

fussychica Thu 30-May-13 15:26:50

Sorry to hear he thinks it's not gone well but you can't always tell and it may not be as bad as he thinks. If it has gone badly there's nothing he can do about it but redouble his efforts on the final two exams. You are right to try and not communicate your stress but I know it's not easy(DS at Uni too).
Have a wine and try to wait for the results before you get too stressed as everything may be fine.

Keep thinking positive thoughts.
Hope it turns out ok.

Bearcat Thu 30-May-13 14:00:14

DS2 is sitting his final 3 exams at Nottingham University and has handed in his dissertation.
He is very fortunate and has been offered a graduate contract with a top accountancy firm as long as he gets a 2:1.
He is on a 63% average at the moment having dropped from 67% average after January exams. I think his 63% average covers about 75% of his course so far.
Last weeks exam went OK. Not fantastic but 'OK!'
Todays exam went terribly! He is seeming to think he did worse than other students he has spoken to. He is talking about maybe only getting 40%.
Lots of people moaned about the exam and how tough it was (as it was last year apparently).He knows that today's exam was the worst of the three he is sitting.
He has now got to really nail next weeks exam to hope to drag his average up. He knows he has to get low 50%'s to get a 2:1.
He is so pissed off with himself and the stress and upset that he is now under.
I'm stressing about his results and the prospect that his job could be slipping away from him and then what in this day & age he will do, but have got to try and not communicate this to him
Am finding it unbelievable after GCSE and A level results which were all A*'s and A's after going to what was considered not a good comprehensive school.
Just wondering if he got too carried away with the party lifestyle.
Sorry about the moan, but no one to talk to at the moment and know that I'm now going to be worried sick for the next 3 weeks as is DS2 sad

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