Argh, so many courses, but not sure which to choose?

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MammaTo2boys Mon 22-Apr-13 20:27:01

Can anyone please help me.

I'm in FT employment, having just returned in March from having DS2. I have another year on my contract but my heart is not in it (I have worked for the same firm for 22 years). I would love to change career and now go into child care, work in a nursery and maybe even open my own (well I can hope).
I need to study part time, over the internet and attend a college during the evening as required. Then I could expand my courses into FT, once I leave work, but I want to get started now. However, when looking into the courses, there are an abundance out there and I'm not sure they are all genuine or even give you a qualification that employers actually recognise.
Can anyone tell me, which courses I should be looking for? I have been researching the Cache courses, which do look impressive, but there are none being taught in my area. Are there others which are just as good? Better? What are your experiences?
Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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racingheart Mon 22-Apr-13 20:43:52

Why don't you ring round a handful of local nurseries - the sort of place you'd like to work and ask if they have preferred courses that they recognise as superior.

You could also find out which courses offer placements. Practical experience would be really helpful and a placement may lead to a job.

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