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do you (or your dcs) have a degree? what subject and what's your occupation?

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out2lunch Sun 17-Mar-13 00:08:43

and is your (or your dcs) degree relevant to said occupation?

trying to figure out dds future here smile


YorkshireTeaDrinker Thu 28-Mar-13 20:19:13

BA English Lit, MSc Information Management, both RG unis. Worked as a librarian (for which my MSc qualified me), now an IT programme manager in the NHS.

Kez100 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:19:32

No degree.

Chartered Accountant.

I did O levels (at a dire comprehensive in the early 80's), BTEC National Diploma in Buisness and Finance (at a local technical college) and, during that course, a local accountancy firm came to the course and interviewed those of us interested in becoming Chartered Accountants. I won the training contract on offer and I did all my professional training with them - practical experience in their offices and they funded my courses and attendance at Reed College for the examinations.

emsyj Fri 29-Mar-13 16:31:13

Law degree - ex city lawyer, now work for govt department (not doing law)
DP - no degree, company director doing IT project stuff

duchesse Fri 29-Mar-13 16:43:44

I have a degree in law, and now work as a translator. I do a fair bit of legal translation so the degree is certainly not wasted, nor is the staying power to read long and boring documents, ability to argue and be assertive in debates.

DH has a degree in maths (became more and more applied as he went through it), did an extra year of very applied maths verging on physics and now works as a research scientist.

DMIL has a degree in maths and worked as a maths teacher until retirement.

DFIL had a degree in maths and worked as a research scientist.

DH's grandfather had a degree in maths and worked as a research scientist. (are you spotting a pattern here grin?)

DH's G- GF had a degree in maths and worked first as a maths teacher, then as the bursar of his old college.

DS is 2 years into an engineering degree and is hoping to become an engineer/scientist of some sort.

DD1 is applying for medicine and hoping to become a doctor, although medicine gives you entry into many more careers than being a doctor (research science being one of them...)

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