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do you (or your dcs) have a degree? what subject and what's your occupation?

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out2lunch Sun 17-Mar-13 00:08:43

and is your (or your dcs) degree relevant to said occupation?

trying to figure out dds future here smile


BoyMeetsWorld Sun 17-Mar-13 08:59:19

Degree in English..2 postgrads (in subjects I won't say or could out me but much more practical) & now a Digital Marketing Manager. Copywriting & content management are key so my degree was a good basis

blondieminx Sun 17-Mar-13 09:04:34

English BA here, I now work in compliance for a big law firm.

I agree with RichMan

roughtyping Sun 17-Mar-13 09:07:04

I have a BSc (Hons) in Psycholgy and a PGDE in primary education. I'm a primary teacher. OH has a BA (Hons) in Film & Media Studies, he's now a TIO for police services. Both pretty useless first degrees grin!

Cavort Sun 17-Mar-13 09:08:11

BSc in Applied Biology and I now work in Sales. Jobs in Biology just weren't well paid. sad

DH has a First in Computer Science from an excellent Uni. He spent a few years as an employed Programmer, then he left and went Contracting for a few years and has since set up his own IT Consultancy which is doing well. Having his degree allowed him to get on the ladder but is kind of redundant now he is self-employed.

skratta Sun 17-Mar-13 09:23:21

Did Medical History at university, and when I was 26 and working in a museum called the Vassa (in Stockholm) applied and entered medical school. Got a medical degree therefore. But I could only do that at the Karolinska Institute (the medical university school thing there) because of a scholarship awarded to people who already have degrees (regardless of what degrees).

Being a paediatric oncologist, it's definitely involved in my job!

My DC have not been yet, but my DTDs are at an age where they need to make exam choices and they are kind of deciding what to do. DTD1 would like to study Engineering, and DTD2 would like to study Computer Science and work as a software engineer I think it is (or software programmer?). But time will tell!

DH got a degree in Japanese. He is now a carpenter/stonemason with his own business selling crafty stuff so not useful!

PrincessOfChina Sun 17-Mar-13 09:35:38

I have a BSc in Communication and Society, and a Post Grad in Broadcast Journalism.

I work in internal Comms for a large FMCG company. I definitely use the skills I gained in my degree, but also my years of experience as an Exec Assistant!

Jayne266 Sun 17-Mar-13 09:35:40

I have a Bsc in veterinary nursing an am a vet nurse.

MothershipG Sun 17-Mar-13 09:51:03

Just checked the Russell Group website and my Uni is on it, I'm quite chuffed. smile Shows how long ago I went to Uni!

Hulababy Sun 17-Mar-13 09:52:40

I have an education degree and was a teacher. Now working as a hlta so still relevant and may return to teaching in future.

tiredemma Sun 17-Mar-13 09:54:05

I have a BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) and I am currently doing a Msc.

I obviously needed the BSc to become a nurse.

CarpeDiemCras Sun 17-Mar-13 09:59:41

I have a degree in Economics from a Russell Group uni. I am a project manager in financial services.

The degree was a foot in the door to a graduate role in the industry.

That route is still open, although many companies are starting to offer apprenticeships. Personally I'd still do a degree because I enjoy learning and I think time at university offers a life experience that you can't easily get by going straight into work.

Copthallresident Sun 17-Mar-13 10:10:59

The Russell Group is just a group of unis that joined together for the purposes of lobbying, there is also the 1994 group of smaller unis. There is absolutely no quality control implicit in membership, it just happens that some of the most prestigious highly ranked unis are members. My old uni is a member but was distinctly in the mid ranks when I went there, though of course I will now loudly trumpet it as Russell Group but not mention actual name grin

I did a History degree , then had 25 year career in marketing, during which I gained an MBA and professional qualifications in marketing and market research. Also did graduate recruitment rounds and whilst we visited the big city universities we would get applications from everywhere and it was really about finding applicants who could provide us with evidence of the personal and intellectual qualities we were looking for for the jobs we had available. That could be through academic achievement but also through other activities, work experience, positions of responsibility etc.. We did sift out any without decent GCSE / A levels.

Now I am back at uni, yet again RG of course grin

wonkylegs Sun 17-Mar-13 10:29:13

I have a BA in architectural studies, a BArch and an Advanced Diploma in Professional practice which are part 1,2 & 3 respectively for becoming a registered architect.
DH has medical degrees & is a Dr
Both degree paths tend to lead to their professions but architecture has a lot of flexibility en-route and approximately half of those who start part 1 will go off to do other things with their degrees. From my group of friends that I started with I am the only qualified architect, the others include - a banker, a head of internet marketing at a company in NY, planner, one works for an overseas aid agency, a photographer and an artist.
I wouldn't necessarily advise architecture as a career course right now as the profession has taken a severe battering in the recession but the first degree at least is quite good for a broad spectrum experience.

MariscallRoad Sun 17-Mar-13 11:58:29

Demand for jobs changes with changes in technology and economy. Some Departments give their students editions on the current state of jobs, how to launch careers and which sectors they should be looking to.

kritur Sun 17-Mar-13 12:14:38

MChem chemistry + PhD chemistry
Teacher of chemistry then University Lecturer in chemistry.

Toasttoppers Sun 17-Mar-13 12:25:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Manchesterhistorygirl Sun 17-Mar-13 12:28:49

This is a really interesting thread, I'm just about to finish (hooray, hurrah) yr 1 at Manchester where I'm reading History. The careers service is excellent for people like me too, mature student, not 100% sure where I'm going with my degree yet, there are always opportunities being posted and big companies on campus.

For instance I'm doing a journalism workshop day in July, something I've always thought about, but. It been sure I'd be good enough for. I've also done the Manchester mentoring programme to help focus my goals.

Physics is very good here, google "graphene".

Neither of my parents have degrees, but my dad was a charted surveyor and dh is a charted management accountant.

Something worth noting is that last year I went to an open day at manchester metropolitan university and the academic staff I spoke to advised me to accept the place down the road, because it would be more beneficial in the long run.

Lilymaid Sun 17-Mar-13 12:29:27

Me law (but work in information management), DH physics but is chartered engineer
Both DSs - economics. One has MSc, other mid way with BSc.

LadyLech Sun 17-Mar-13 12:30:00

My first degree was in theology. A particularly useless degree. However, I ended up as a RS teacher, so do actually use my degree everyday (and love it!)

Tubegirl Sun 17-Mar-13 13:22:20

I have a law degree, and am a solicitor although have been sahm for two years. Obviously my degree was highly relevant and it is a profession where employers are bothered about which university you attended. You really can't beat talking to people who work in your particular field of interest and discussing their entry routes into their profession. DD should be brave and try to organise some interviews- learn some networking skills. It really does help to get some contacts.

webwiz Sun 17-Mar-13 13:23:39

I have a degree in Psychology (BSc) and worked as an Accountant, I now work in the charitable sector in advice services and am studying for a Masters in Social science Research Methods.

DH has a Maths degree and is an Actuary.

DD1 has almost finished a degree in Biological Sciences and has no idea what job she wants to do and DD2 is studying Maths (the apple didn't fall far from the tree in her case!)

creamteas Sun 17-Mar-13 14:01:14

I have a BA, MA and PhD in sociology and am a lecturer.

DS1 is in his final year of History at uni, and has no idea what to do next, but in my experience this is normal. He has not been applying for anything and the current plan is to go travelling when he finishes.

DS2 did not want to go to uni and is on an in-house management training scheme in retail.

insancerre Sun 17-Mar-13 14:10:32

I have a degree in Early Childhood (graduated last year) and I am an Early Years Professional (a nursery teacher without the teacher wages)

fussychica Sun 17-Mar-13 16:23:56

I did a BEd way back in the 70s but left with a Dip HE as I joined the Civil Service on a fast track management program during the summer and never went back. Spent 25 years undertaking many different roles in various government departments before throwing in the towel and retiring buggering off to Spain. Recently returned and have no plans to return to workgrin

DS almost halfway through an MFL degree at a good but non RG Uni hush my mouth

slug Sun 17-Mar-13 16:54:29

The job I do now did not exist when I did my first degree so ultimately it does not matter what I studied. The job market us continually evolving so being prescriptive about qualifications , apart from the obvious ones like med, vet etc can be limiting

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