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BackforGood Thu 21-Feb-13 15:40:46

I have a ds in L6th. He's not a typical MN A* type student, his current AS predictions are looking at 4 Cs.
Is there a way of looking at courses, starting with this as a search filter, rather than going through every possible subject combination, opening up the entry requirements, to find they are AAB time after time again.
We've tried looking at UCAS website but can't see this sort of filter. It seems much more logical to us, to start with a list of courses he might be likely to be able to get onto, rather than putting in any one of 3 or 4 subjects (before you get onto combinations) to then find they will only make offers to the A students ?
He's getting a bit despondent, so I said I'd ask the knowlegable ladies of MN. Thanks.

BackforGood Wed 29-May-13 16:54:07

Just come back to this as I've come across quite a useful short (3mins 35s) video, which has got quite a lot of useful links if you can get past the 1970s safety film guide voice, Here
Hope it helps someone. smile

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