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Uni offer: one subject at set grade, rest on points, but which points please?

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happilyconfused Thu 21-Feb-13 14:15:08

i would read it as offer 2 wants all points from three A2 subjects with a minimum grade in subject Z. They are not counting the AS standalone. Offer 1 will count the stand alone AS points and the A2 points from his new subjects but he needs a minimum grade in Z.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 21-Feb-13 11:56:46

Startail don't tempt me! grin Am saving that for if he gets in and comes unstuck over something vital

Startail Thu 21-Feb-13 11:34:29

You could simply Email and stick his name at the bottom, but I'm guessing that would be naughty.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 21-Feb-13 11:10:25

Thank you Caitycat, it's hopeful to hear you'd probably read it that way too.
The uni is aware of his difficulties and has already previously explained they can only speak to him about any details to do with him, and there's no school involvement, so educated guesses are appreciated.

Caitycat Thu 21-Feb-13 10:11:37

I deal with HE in my school and my understanding would be what you've said but if I wasn't completely sure I would happily ring up on a student's behalf especially if there was a reason why they weren't able to do it themself. The uni would probably talk to you if you explain why you are ringing or you could ask his school HE coordinator or tutor to help out. If you do it yourself you will need his UCAS number to hand.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 21-Feb-13 10:03:13

Boomting it's not something I can do is it. Ds has ASD and wont.

He’s confident this is what the offer means, it’s me that’s worried and hoped this was one of those standard things everyone (but me) seems to know about and could tell me he’s actually in a good position not a poor one.

I’ve already ‘interfered’ quite a bit to get him this far, I’m trying to only be directly involved if I can see it would be fatal not to, but we don’t come from a uni going background and I thought I’d try asking here as there's a lot of knowledge. Sorry.

boomting Wed 20-Feb-13 20:59:18

If you're in need of clarification, then I would suggest emailing the universities - they don't bite!

Jamillalliamilli Tue 19-Feb-13 20:00:16

Are we right to think the points can come from earlier AS levels too, if they haven?t specified that they must be from the A2s?

Unusual educational background that uni?s aware of, has led to ds having 4 stand-alone AS levels and is now doing 3 different A2?s.

When he first talked to the uni he really wants, (offer 1) he explained he already had UCAS points from the stand alone 4 x AS levels, and they suggested as long as he got a minimum grade in one of the A2?s they?d be interested.

He?s now been made offer 1: ?subject to you obtaining a minimum of X ucas tariff points including grade Y in Z subject? (one of the A2?s)

Another, offer 2 says: "X points from 3 A levels including minimum grade Y in Z subject? (same A2)

Are we correct in thinking offer 1 is allowing tariff points from the stand-alone AS?s as well as A2?s, and offer 2 isn?t?

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