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allowance for AS student living at home in London

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Jansson Wed 13-Feb-13 10:06:45

What's the going weekly allowance rate for 17yr olds living at home (london)? I pay for basic clothes plus oystercard plus lunch money and trips to galleries - he studies art – plus £10 a week. Do others pay more? he wants to save but has only managed a few babysitting jobs and gives occasional guitar lessons.
Would love some advice.

Shelleylouise Wed 13-Feb-13 17:02:24

Hi. We are not in london, so costs are probably less, but i used to give my 17yr old student son 30 pounds a week. He had to get bus fares and lunches out of that. This was 3 years ago. Used to pay it into his bank account monthly by standing order to encourage him to budget. If he needed any extra money for going out etc he had to get weekend/holiday work. I used to buy his basic clothes and shoes.

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