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I want to do a PhD!

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duchesse Fri 08-Feb-13 11:38:35

I need some help as I don't know how to go about it at all. Any advice gratefully received.

I think I know roughly what I want to research but am not entirely certain what broad subject area it would come under. Possibly French, or history or social science, possibly a combination of all three. Something along the lines of "Aspects of economic migration to Northern France in the early 19th century". I have a personal interest in this because a branch of my family settled there in the 1810s.

How would I find out if it's already been done?
Do I have to be registered with a university (and pay fees)?
Do I have to have a supervisor?
Can I access any research funds? And how to go about it if so? My topic would probably involve travel to northern France to poke around in departmental archives.
How do I go about it?
How would I submit it?
Is it possible to do a Phd part-time to fit in with working patterns? I'm self-employed and freelance but I typically have large gaps between paid jobs.

Any other advice would be very gratefully received!

dorapeppageorgenoddy Sun 10-Feb-13 09:00:11

My first post has n't appeared, just my second - but in summary I was saying good luck, I am in year 2 part time and have found it interesting and challenging balancing motherhood and academic work. I recommend a uni near you as the community of other doctoral students can be important and there are often workshops to attend that keep you on track or add more insight.

There are some good entry level research methods books you could read now and from reading your posts you could look at the use of case studies in research. Your supervisor will guide you in research methods but having an idea of a method is a good starting point.

Inter-discipline is an interesting approach and some uni's are better than others - Sussex and Essex were seen as radical in the 60's for offering interdisciplinary degrees!

Last thing - I would not worry about having a broad question at this stage, the first year is/can be about refining your question and methodology. Refining is all part of the process -

Best of luck

MariscallRoad Sun 10-Feb-13 15:30:19

duchesse you might wish to check the Migration Policy Institute what latest research they have here They show a report on research done of France. You can sign up for their updates.

Given that your degree is 23 years what class you got there should not be an issue. Besides the subject you did then - Law - is not related imo to migration research so I feel that degree will not become an issue. get on with your research smile.

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