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She needs the maths. Many universities also do a maths test as part of their interview/assessment process ..not a massive exam but nevertheless the applicant has to show they can do the out doses etc. There are quite a few 'maths for nursing' practice sites online to help , but she really will need the gcse anyway as it is a basic entry requirement for Uni. My DD2 used them to brush up her maths as she had forgotten a lot by the end of A levels!

Would it be possible to get her a tutor? My DD2 was struggling with her A level biology and we used an online tutor who helped her boost her grades massively, and gave her confidence. Good luck to your DDsmile

JaneLane Thu 07-Feb-13 12:30:07

Nearly all universities will require GCSE maths at a C or above. There may be a couple of ways round this, but it will take longer than going straight to university from school.

Firstly, some universities may accept a Key Skills Level 2 in Numeracy rather than a GCSE so your DD could look at getting this qualification rather than attempting her GCSE again. However, you would need to check with the universities individually if they would accept that course as an equivalent to the GCSE.

Your DD could also look at doing an Access to HE diploma in Nursing and then going on to university to do her degree. The diploma is a one year full time course which is designed for people who wish to go into higher education but do not have the qualifications to be able to do so. However this is normally only offered to mature students (19 plus at most colleges) so your daughter may not be able to do this straight away.

Her best option is really to get that C in Maths though.

boomting Thu 07-Feb-13 12:21:29

She needs to look at the websites of universities that she is interested in applying to, having a look at what GCSE (and A Level) grades they require.

However, it seems likely that they are always going to require at least some evidence of numeracy, because nurses use maths in their day-to-day professional lives.

jango36 Thu 07-Feb-13 12:10:54

Hi my daughter is doing her alevels in eng lang, eng lit and pyhscology. She is resiting here maths gcse.. She wants do study nursing. She isnt sure she will pass this gcse. Is this going to mess up her getting on the nursing degree? Is there another way around this? any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated

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