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Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for the Arts at Durham...

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rubydog06 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:29:06

Does anyone know anything about this?

I am currently in year 13 at school and have recently decided to apply for this. I have already sent off my UCAS form through which I have applied to Durham to read History. I am applying for the scholarship on the basis of my keen interest in acting. But I am now slightly confused as to what to write. My parents know as little about the scholarship and how to apply as I do and none of the teachers I asked at school knew anything either...

What sort of things should I write in my additional personal statement? Should I just focus of the acting experience I have or should I also talk about why I love acting too? I have some professional acting experience, how much weight should I give to this? Should I mention that I want to pursue acting professionally as a career in the future? The Durham website talks about acting on a 'national level'. Other than the National Youth Theater what other things could constitute this?

Many Thanks in Advance

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