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Can anyone confirm the no of times dd can take QTS test pls.

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timetochange70 Wed 24-Oct-12 00:46:43

Dd started a degree with teacher training last year, so this Sept 2012 she has just started her 2 nd year. She got onto the course by the skin of her teeth passing her gcse maths at the 4 th attempt to gain the required c.
laxt year she passed everything with good grades and am sure will make an excellent teacher one day .
she is obviously very very nervous regarding the Qts numeracy test and is Practising already and having regular tuition . She is so nervous and says she can only take the test twice when In recent years students have been able to take it several times .
does anyone know for definate how many attempts dd is limited to ? Know she needs a certain level of Maths to be a teacher but she is so upset because she spent 2 years retaking her Maths and has managed he Science degree but it's the 18 second thing tha throw her she is way way too slow.
thanks x

WofflingOn Wed 24-Oct-12 03:31:31

Does this thread help?

sashh Thu 25-Oct-12 04:07:28

It's three attempts.

It used to be unlimited atttempts but changed a year or two ago.

I'm sure she is perfectly capable of passing, I think it might be nerves that could get in the way.

Has she tried visualisation? Every night before she goes to sleep spend 5-10 mins thinkking about how she will feel once she has passed, have great she will feel.

Once she is comfortable thinking that she can start visualising herself in the exam, understanding each question, knowing the answers etc, etc.

Once comfortable with that she can imagine herself being confident before the exam.

Trust me, this stuff works.

BackOnceAgainWithLoopyLoops Thu 25-Oct-12 04:45:51

Seriously, it is really easy.

WofflingOn Thu 25-Oct-12 05:08:08

The problem is that once you are a primary teacher, you may apply for KS1 jobs, but when a school has employed you, they can allocate you as they see fit, at the head's discretion.
So a couple of years into a job as a Y1 teacher working within numbers to 20, you could, theoretically end up in Y6 teaching level 5 and 6 maths, with a huge requirement for the teacher to have an excellent grasp of maths and rapid mental arithmetic.
Well. not exactly theoretical, it's happened to me on several occasions
So three times really is quite indulgent IMO. I hope she makes it.

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