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Recommend a driving instructor near Leeds Uni?

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daylily Thu 11-Oct-12 11:30:15

Hi, a bit of a long shot but can anyone recommend a driving instructor in the area, my daughter is at the uni and wants to continue her driving lessons. Thanks.

Avuncular Wed 28-Nov-12 09:26:42

Possibly you've got this sorted by now, but if not, I AM a driving instructor servicing Headingley. Age 62 with 4 adult children, grandfather, taught my third son after qualifying as an ADI, following a career in professional engineering and risk management. (He passed first time with 2 faults). I also have a column in 'ADI News' devoted to encouraging safe and efficient driving. Happy to offer a 2-hour 'taster' for under £20. I can provide recent testimonials from Leeds pupils. Youtube Channel SafedriverN. Doing this mainly for 'pin money' and to help all mums and dads find good instruction for their kids.

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