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Just a quickie re student loans/grants

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Maslotte Fri 05-Oct-12 21:09:53

Hi all,
I have a nearly 18yr old DS currently filling out Uni application forms. Can anyone tell me please what income is taken into account when applying for student finance. I work but am also in receipt of tax credits and CSA payments from my DS's father. Whether it is just my wages or if other income is taken into account would make a difference to the amount of monetary help available for him.

amillionyears Sat 06-Oct-12 22:07:26

Dont know the specific answer but google the Government website about student finance.
I am pretty sure there are numbers to ring if you get stuck with the form filling.

eatyourveg Sun 07-Oct-12 09:56:58

We get tax credits and other benefits but didn't have to write them down. there was a box to tick to say if you received them but not to say how much. I rang to check that they didn't need amounts and they said it was fine. Guess they know as you have to give your NI number.

Maslotte Sun 07-Oct-12 23:01:42

Thank you both very much for your replies smile

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